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It appears that he named other homosexuals whom he suspected of contact with Bozdog. The police then started bringing in these men too. Their arrests followed a common pattern. The first to be summoned was Ovidiu Banu, twenty-five, a puppet master at a theater in Sibiu. The investigating officer asked Banu about his relations with Gheorghe Nastase and demanded whether Banu were homosexual. Frightened, Banu acknowledged that he was. The investigating officer then read a long list of names, headed by Ovidiu Bozdog's, and asked if Banu had had sexual relations with them. Banu admitted to relations with Bozdog and with two other persons Florin Hopris and Ciprian Stoica who were later arrested.

The lieutenant told Banu that if he cooperated, he could go home--and invited him to give names of any "doctors, lawyers, army officers, politicians, or factory managers" in Sibiu who were homosexual. He was then taken to a hospital, Woman for oral sex in romania his genitals and anus were examined. The prosecutor's file included a medical report showing "modifications to the penis indicating [Banu] has been an active partner in homosexual Casual sex dating in imlay city mi 48444. His father was unable to raise bail for his son; Banu was held in pre-trial detention for over two months.

He was isolated completely by the other prisoners after they discovered the charge against him, and one prisoner beat him and attempted to rape him. On February 4, based on Banu's information, Lieutenant Mate summoned Florin Hopris, nineteen, a student at a private university in Sibiu. The investigating officer was joined by a prosecutor, who read Banu's declaration implicating Hopris. The prosecutor addressed him in the feminine gender. Terrified, Hopris confessed to sexual relations with Banu, and with Ovidiu Bozdog. He was then shown a thick black album, full of photographs of men. Some--though not all--were police photographs taken at the time of arrest. He was told that these were suspected homosexuals, and interrogated about his relations with them.

He was released, but arrested three days later: Held under Articleparagraph 1, he was placed in the police lockup. Hopris's mother sold her jewelry to raise his bail; he was freed after a week. His temples are touched with gray hair. When IGLHRC representatives asked about this, he responded, reluctantly, that it had turned gray during his time in jail. On the same day Hopris was first questioned, Lieutenant Mate also brought Ciprian Stoica, twenty-one, a first-year university student, to the police station.

Stoica denied having had sex with Florin Hopris; he was then questioned closely about his sexual relations with Ovidiu Bozdog--clearly the important person in the case--which Stoica admitted. Like Banu, Stoica was asked to name any doctors, lawyers, politicians, or other prominent Sibiu personalities he knew to be homosexual. He was also shown the "black book," with photographs of suspected homosexuals. The investigating officer let Stoica go, with instructions to return on the following Monday. On that day, at the police station, he was handcuffed, subjected to a medical examination, and arrested under Articleparagraph 1. He remained in jail for a month, since his parents were unable to raise bail.

Finally, when enough confessions had been collected, Ovidiu Bozdog was arrested on February 12, and told he had been implicated in homosexual relations by the other five suspects. The publisher denied all charges and declined to cooperate. When shown the "black book" with photographs of suspected homosexuals, he refused to look at it. According to Bozdog, Lieutenant Mate threatened his reputation, telling him, "I will have Evenimentul zilei [News of the Day--the largest national newspaper, and a venue for gossip and scandal] write about you. He has asserted the case was launched against him on political grounds: The defendants were released, but for the next year and a half they faced the likelihood of trial and imprisonment.

Their case eventually reached the Constitutional Court of Romania.

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Other newspapers in Sibiu publicized the case, to embarrass Bozdog. As a result, the other defendants suffered harassment as well. Ovidiu Banu was fired from his job, the principal support for his father as well as himself. The Hopris family's next-door neighbor called the police repeatedly, demanding to know why their son was not returned to jail. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Mate proudly took personal responsibility for the "black book" in which names and photographs of suspected homosexuals were kept. They robbed him and forced him to have sex with them.

When the victim made an official complaint, prosecutors accused him of having wanted and solicited sexual relations with the two, a charge considered tenable since--as the police appeared to know--he was homosexual. The victim was then tried and convicted under Article When the events occurred, Traian Pasca, thirty-eight, was living in a workers' hostel in the town of Woman for oral sex in romania. Pasca's court file 42 begins with his first, handwritten statement to the police. On the night of February 9,he states, Florin Musat and Dorin Foia broke down his door in the hostel.

They took down their pants and demanded "relatii secsuale oral. However, Foia seized him "and put his penis in my mouth. Pasca finally escaped; by the time he came back, the two were gone and his watch had been stolen. Pasca states that they were drunk, and that they had Free sex dating in flovilla ga 30216 "abnormal sexual relations" with him twice in the past. He asks the police to take legal measures against them. They confirmed this account. Pasca, an acquaintance, was known in town as a homosexual; drunk and passing his hostel, they decided to pay him a visit and "rough him up a bit.

Police found Pasca's watch on Musat. When they were taken to office of prosecutor Dana Ghitoaca, Pasca was also there, to face them as their accuser. However, a remarkable and disturbing series of events then happened through which the victim became a defendant in turn. According to Musat, when he was arrested police informed him that Pasca had accused the two of raping him. They advised the two men to declare in their statements that Pasca had sex with them of his own free will; then, police told them, the two would be set free. Police and prosecutor, clearly, were assembling a case against Pasca for committing homosexual acts.

According to Musat, police wanted Pasca himself to withdraw his declaration and affirm that the sex was consensual. Getting declarations to this effect from the two assailants was the first step. The police wrote such declarations and Musat and Foia signed them. The three together were then taken before the prosecutor, who spent most of this session confronting not Foia and Musat but Pasca, accusing him of being a homosexual Musat believes the police had prior information on Pasca 43and demanding to know why he did not try to run or resist when the two attempted to have sex with him. According to Musat, Pasca--intimidated--said nothing. The prosecutor then made out a mandate of arrest against Pasca.

The file shows that the prosecutor charged Pasca under Article This declaration is in a handwriting other than Pasca's judging from the first declarationthough it appears to be signed by him. He states he had known Foia for ten years, Musat for five. In Februarya year before these events, they came together to his place and forced him to have oral sex. The remainder of the account roughly follows his previous statement. To the authorities' frustration, Pasca was still insisting that he had been violently assaulted. Finally--as Musat said, "after they had bullied him enough"--he retracted this statement as well, at least in part, in ambiguous language which nonetheless admits "guilt.

In it, Pasca acknowledges simply: In addition to the charges of violation of domicile and theft leveled against Musat and Foia, all three were found guilty under Article and sentenced to one year and six months under that charge. No paragraph of the article was specified during the trial, an apparent instance of judicial indifference or incompetence. He served his term until November, when he was finally paroled. He claims his arrest was a pretext for the police to gain entry to his flat and arrest his roommates, who were suspected of homosexuality. Prosecutors charged Chetea and two of his roommates under Articleparagraph 1.

Their disturbing story exemplifies the invasiveness, and corruption, of a judicial system avid for evidence of private acts, as well as the brutality of prisons where the three underwent repeated beatings. Chetea lived with Nicolae Petricas, twenty-four, and Nicolae Stupariu, thirty-one. The exact circumstances of Chetea's arrest on March 13, remain unclear; his court file 46 deals exclusively with the accusation of homosexuality. He later received a suspended sentence for theft; Chetea says he was arrested for stealing flowers, but that police knew one of his roommates, Stupariu, was homosexual, and seized Chetea as an excuse to enter their flat and collect evidence.

The indictment ultimately produced in the case details what the police found at the flat; it exhibits as well the penetrability of private life in Romania. There were "various materials of a pornographic nature videocassettes and magazinesexclusively depicting sexual relations between men, as well as a letter sent to the aforementioned accused by a person living in Holland having emigrated from Romania through which they were given these materials and the addresses of some homosexuals the defendants could contact in order to be able to emigrate. On this basis, Petricas and Stupariu were arrested.

During interrogation, Petricas identified Ovidiu Chetea as one of his sexual contacts. Chetea told IGLHRC that he was beaten severely by the police, because he refused to admit his homosexuality and to confirm his relations with Petricas. The beatings were so intense that he repeatedly lost consciousness. Meantime, he says, Stupariu was beaten as well. Chetea contends that the beatings contributed to Stupariu's later death, in Augustapparently of an unidentified stomach disorder. Stupariu had seemingly refused to confess to his relations with a person identified in the prosecutor's report as "Adi" from Deva, with whom he had allegedly had sexual relations in the city of Hunedoara in August One persistent question in this case is how the police had obtained this information.

A possibility raised by Chetea is that "Adi" was an informer who had given the police Stupariu's name--lending credence to the possibility that Chetea was detained for theft in order to gain more evidence against Stupariu. Prosecutors rejected Stupariu's denials. The indictment also cites evidence given by another roommate, who told police that the defendants had made effeminate gestures to one another and had only been visited by other men. Petricas and Stupariu were kept under arrest for one month. They were both freed, according to Petricas, when they paid bribes of one hundred DM approximately U.

Ovidiu Chetea remained detained for four months. Petricas and Chetea both report that they were beaten and raped by their cellmates, who numbered over sixty. They believe that this took place with the knowledge of the guards, who had made a point of identifying them to the other prisoners as homosexuals. And, in one incident recounted by Petricas, as they were lining up naked to go to the showers, one of the prison guards demanded to know which were the homosexuals. He then separated Chetea, Stupariu, and Petricas, and beat them with a wooden club.

On the night before Petricas and Stupariu were freed, the guards announced their impending departure to the other prisoners. The two were then forced to have sex with the entire cell-group--or rather, were shared out, with half taking Stupariu, half Petricas. In a trial on June 26,Petricas who was charged with having repeatedly broken Articleparagraph 1 was sentenced to two years in prison. Chetea received a year and six months for the same charge; Stupariu, who was charged only with the one "crime" with "Adi" in Augustreceived one year.

Petricas's and Stupariu's sentences were suspended--because, Petricas claims, they paid further bribes to the court. Chetea's sentence was not. In December orral, the prosecutor appealed this decision, asking that Stupariu and Petricas be imprisoned, and calling attention to the gravity of their crimes Womann the "social threat" they represented. Woman for oral sex in romania February 8, a year after the ordeal began--this appeal was rejected by the Timisoara court. Editura Libraria Romahia, Bucuresti, Badoo rencontre en ligne france code, modeled on the Code Napoleon, had no comparable provision.

It is clear, at least, that here "pederasty" is used to refer to anal intercourse between adults. However, the commentary seems foe propose Womwn distinction between "pederasty" ogal "sexual relations" proper. By contrast, in contemporary Romanian legal practice, anal sex is regarded as a raport sexual or relatia sexuala; oral sex, though, is often instead categorized as mere perversiune sexuala. See below, note The commentator in question was I. Hurley, Vintage New York,p. It has always been treated as a political and moral problem. Partial redundancies in fkr code as enacted Wo,an suggest a breakdown Wooman classifications. For instance, rape is defined in Article as a man Woman for oral sex in romania "a person of either sex" to enter "a sexual relation"; Article then penalizes roomania "violence fo decency" any person who "commits any act of sexual inversion" by force on another person, imposing a virtually Woan penalty ror leaving such Wpman act and its exact distinction from rape undefined.

Apparently "inversion," once again, was something different from a full "sexual relation. This raises the question of whether police or prosecutors could create, then certify, scandal simply by releasing information to the public--a question that would reappear in at least one case from s Romania sentinta penala The same applies when the authorities have discovered such relations and have made an act of which the public previously knew nothing into a matter for discussion. However, the commentary strongly implies a broader latitude, citing in lieu of a definition of "scandal" the example of "the well-known public scandal provoked in Germany inthrough the revelations of M.

Harden against the pederasts, who were discovered as well among official persons. These fell into a title separate from other sexual offenses, as "crimes against the family. Editura "Cutuma," Bucuresti, For full texts, see Appendix 1. Is it the working class? It is classless hoodlums. They have no place to go. So they take to--pederasty. Together with them, next to them, under this excuse, in stinky secretive little bordellos, another kind of activity takes place as well--counterrevolutionary work. This shift in policy allows post-surgery marriages to be recognized as heterosexual and therefore legal. One study found that Chinese parents report 0. Among birth-assigned females, 2.

The ruling was made on 13 May Sexual assault, including molestation, rape, forced anal and oral sex, gang rape and stripping is being committed with impunity and there are reliable statistics and materials to support such activities. Further, access to public toilets is also a serious problem they face quite often. Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation or gender identity, therefore, impairs equality before law and equal protection of law and violates Article 14 of the Constitution of India. Transsexuality in Iran Beginning in the mids, transgender individuals were officially recognized by the government and allowed to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

The perpetuations of myths such as sexual orgies with Satan and bestiality taking place among Pagan covens have irreparably damaged the reputation of legitimate faiths. However, many Pagan religious DO practice a form of sexual spirituality. Very common among Pagans, and Wiccans in particular is the Great Rite. It an actual sexual union between the high priest and high priestess of the coven, used in ritual to represent the sexual union between the Goddess and the God. Pon Pagans are not the only ones in the world who practice some sort of sexual spirituality. In Indonesia, they celebrate a holiday called Pon. Seven times a year, celebrants make a pilgrimage to Java, to a sacred mountain, to perform a ceremony of good fortune through intercourse.

To receive such blessings, participants must spend the night having sex with someone other than their husband or wife.