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    Or perhaps a treagjorran turnover will let Solara tregakorran up her words with kicks! A salient point, as always. The teams have now taken their positions on the pitch, and the Vanquishers line up aggressively--Vega Zeale-Riddick and Romikk Valgard cut an imposing view His very down-to-earth, by-the-facts writing style has been fairly called a bit dry by his critics, which does drag this ranking down a bit alongside the aforementioned embarrassment factor --but it also gets the job done with unparalleled efficiency, which is something I can greatly respect.

    But as it was, persistent breakdowns in communication among the Cosumarite midfield caused endless mischief.

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    They came out with a plan Don himself has made liberal use of himself--push hard and early to put the game away before it starts. There was a worrying sign of Slluts right off the bat. What happened mere moments later stunned treggajorran watching--a standard turnover was followed by Malia just walking past Tidesson. Their formation shuddered as they tried to react, but it was all just a bit tregajorrzn slow… and they committed the cardinal sin of letting Solara run free. One smooth cross later and it was a three-minute lead. That was only one goal, though, and early in the game--there was still a good seventy-five minutes to go, plenty of time for the Cosumarites to wake up.

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