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    In a recent survey of fifth-grade students, Estell et al. Teachers also rated academically gifted students as less likely Sextiing bully or be bullied than both general education students and students with mild disabilities. Key factors in being perceived as a bully were associations with aggressive and popular peers. Social isolates were the most likely to be bullied. Whereas gifted students are less likely to bully or be bullied according to this research, bullying is still a factor in their lives. Peterson and Ray surveyed eighth-grade gifted students and found that bullying tended to peak in sixth grade, although females reported that bullying remained steady or increased through eighth grade.

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    Eleven percent of these students were bullied repeatedly. Namecalling was the most prevalent form of bullying these gifted students experienced. They also reported that they bully. The Internet and other technology-related devices are particularly suited to nonviolent types of bullying such as name-calling. Gable, Ludlow, Kite, and McCoach studied the prevalence of cyberbullying with a general population of seventh and eighth graders. The researchers classified students into one of four categories: Although three quarters of the students had no involvement with cyberbullying, one in five had been digitally bullied and one in five had digitally bullied others.

    Unfortunately, those who bullied or were victims said they were less likely to notify adults about Internet bullying than those who were not bullied. Bullies and victims also said their parents were less aware of their Internet activities. High-frequency Internet users were more likely to be both bullies and victims than low Internet users. So what is cyberbullying? She listed eight di"erent forms of cyberbullying: Online fights using electronic messages with angry and vulgar language.

    Educate young people about appropriate Internet-based behaviors. Whereas gifted students are less likely to bully or be bullied according to this research, bullying is still a factor in their lives. You're homo a homo?.

    Repeatedly sending nasty, mean, and insulting busdy. Sending bddy posting gossip or rumors about a person to damage his or her reputation or friendships. Talking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing information or images online. Intentionally and cruelly excluding someone from an online group. Repe a t ed, intense harassment and denigration that includes threats or creates significant fear. Instead of a clique not letting. Yet, only about half believe that what they post online could come back to hurt them. Females are more likely to have sent naked photos of themselves, and males are more likely to have received them.

    The snowballing effect of forwarded sexting can be dire. An year-old Sextijg girl committed suicide after her ex-boyfriend shared a digital nude photo of her from the neck down that she had sent pozsibly him. Let the alarm bells start ringing mre you start out with decent, if not somewhat intense communication and it fades out to a dribble. People who are actually in a relationship or even dating biddy another, can pick up the phone to one another. You want to get to know someone? You want to grow on all levels from dating into a relationship? Keep lazy forms of possobly to the minimum in your interactions. Actions still speak louder than words and that includes the written word.

    And you have to hold up your end of the bargain. The amount of emails I read from readers who do the following is scary: Using Facebook pages to force the other person to get in touch by posting TMI too much information messages Sending emails complaining about the relationship and listing their shortcomings, what the problems are on a regular basis — I call this People Who Write Too Much. Breaking up via email and text, and one of the most frequent occurrences, breaking No Contact via text and email. And truth be told, some us engage in these means of communication because we get to be far more aggressive than we would be if we were face to face or on the phone.

    There are more reasonable ways to test the waters, as described below: I think you're sexy. I think you have the wrong number. Please stop texting me. I should probably explain before we get much further. My name's Anderson Cooper, and I'm doing some research on the topic of sexting for my show, Anderson Cooper Your number was selected at random by a computer, and I was hoping you'd be willing to help me with my research. How do I know you're Anderson Cooper? I'll prove it to you. Here's a picture of me I just snapped right now with my camera phone. That looks an awful lot like a file photo. Thank you for implying that I'm always camera ready Karen. But I shall prove it to you harder.

    Pick a number between one and four, then tell it to me. Here's a pic of me holding up exactly that many fingers. Adults only Related to the previous bit of advice, but important enough to deserves its own entry. Especially if you've never physically met the person you're sexting, like in some kind of chat room situation, you're really putting yourself at risk of having every misspelled euphemism for your penis read out slowly in front of an elderly judge.

    That's worse than Fuckcudgel. Before we get too much further, I should check, are you over 18? Do you remember the Macarena? Ok, your story checks out. Relax With your legal bases covered you can get down to business, and to do that, you've got to get comfortable. Loosen the belt on your robe and pour yourself a nice tall glass of vermouth. Relax; the advantage of sexting is that you don't have to worry about blushing or appearing unconfident.

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