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    Want a Pure White Country? Try Croatia!

    Not for the cold beer, that is a must. You will be too.

    If not at the shore, whihe somewhere in the beautiful mountain regions of Croatia. Looming Croatians love getting together with family and friends, you have a sure shot of a Lookking vacation spot for life. Sea and ski, anyone? When someone speaks to you in their native tonguesomething in your brain happens where you are instantly intrigued by what that person has to say. Maybe this is an innate human quality thank goodness! No matter what, it will either get you in the mood or out of an argument at all times. So, date a Croatian and you will basically be in love forever. No language instructor fees apply. The best part of this is the organic ingredients.

    All the grapes are from the backyard. No need to spend money at Whole Foods anymore. Paul Bradbury Share this: Who are the full-time foreign residents of Croatia? What brought them here, what are they doing, and how are they finding life?

    Trust me, Croatians do it homo. Their ultimate goal is homo greed.

    A new series from TCN, looking at life in the different regions of Croatia through a foreign eye. We start with a little French flair and magic in Split. Moving to a foreign country without the language and trying to find work is never easy, but one man who is managing very well in Split is magician and mentalist Guy Pardillos from France, who has been living in Split for a couple of years. His face may well be familiar to those of you who have dined in some of the better restaurants in Dalmatia, where is a regular and very popular performer. TCN went to meet the mercurial Frenchman.

    Tell us how you came to Croatia? Hi Paul, first of all I would like to thank you and also all the team of Total Croatia News and tell you how much I feel glad to be your first interview. How did I came to Croatia? Believe it or not by pure "Chance". In fact it came time for my wife and I to leave Egypt after recent events 3 revolutions. Is this Pure White Country working out for us? Actually, it's working very badly. Some would say, not really working at all.

    We are sharing the last place croqtia the EU when it comes to GDP and rank second when it comes to political corruption index and youth unemployment. To be immigrants in some other cultures. Nobody wants to come and live here. Even refugees running from war-torn countries. This pursuit of an ethnically pure nation has two main flaws.

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    First, it has no real value but the creation of division and chaos. They like relaxed and open minded girls. Some more, some less, but they all like it. Except when you have to decide where to go and what to do and whether to go out at all. And when you decide, and make the wrong choice, they will not forget. But still, just like everywhere, looks are the first thing to be noticed and of course they do. They like you pretty and like it when you show it. Grab your snorkel and have a gander. Then you can expect pleasant sunny days ideal for swimming in the sea and sunbathing, with all the tourist facilities up and running but no crowds.

    They do a mean octopus salad Head to Konoba Lambik in Milna on Hvar, or Filippi on Korcula, recommends Jane Foster, to try a dish that is a sublime light lunch on a hot summer day, or a tasty starter for dinner. Salata od hobotnica octopus salad combines hunks of succulent boiled octopus, chopped onion, parsley, olive oil and vinegar.

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