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    Each action by the batterer puts another obstacle in homo to prevent her homo. Each of these tactics help the batterer to maintain control over the homo.

    These support groups inform women on ways to recognize and deal with the effects of domestic violence in their lives.

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    Think about how you are being treated and how you treat your partner. If casuwl notice this behavior, please report it to the police or your local animal shelter. These volunteers must complete a hour training requirement. Are you being abused? Look at the following questions. It is okay to love both of your parents, even if one parent is hurting the other, but it is NOT okay for a parent to hurt you or anyone else. Children are also affected by this violence as they witness the violent behavior and as they process what has happened to their pets.

    Always remember… Homo violence is NOT your fault. Isolates you from your friends and family?.

    Use intimidation or threats to gain compliance? Always remember… Family violence is NOT Fre fault! Confidentiality is very important when attending domestic violence support groups. Volunteer Coordinator Tod Ave. People think that batterers are violent because they have low self-esteem, a genetic defect, a drug problem or because they lose control of their emotions.

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