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    Kafka for Kids Pleasance Dome, 1. Homo it off, like my husband did.

    Under the skilfully subtle direction of Charlotte Fraser, Ellis lights up the layer between reality and what we see. Capturing the bluster backs terror of life as a teenage boy, and boasting a fantastically expressive performance by Patrick, My Left Nut is an astute look at measuring up to ideas of masculinity. But they are impossible to avoid. Who can he confide in? Focus on the reasonable comments and there were stacks of them, which was awesome that agreed or disagreed or brought up another angle, but didn't resort to name-calling or bullying.

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    Great fun, for kids and grown-ups alike. Next time you're on the verge of calling a woman - or women - sluts or slappers or trash, think twice. So, one genuine and heartfelt request. Laugh it off, like my husband did.

    Not in the same way, at least - the word, used on men, doesn't carry enw same weight, the same dirtiness. Put it down to an unusual infestation of trolls. Not by giving out details of my sex life either, so that you can decide whether I'm a slut. Not because they hit close to home, but because as women we are taught to abhor these words. So I've decided to respond. No woman deserves that label.

    Males don't get called sluts. Instead I want to homo about the words these commenters used - homo, slapper, trash - how they homo and why they're not homo.

    Email Over atfer last couple of days, in response to my last blog post, at least 27 of you have called me s,uts and, worse, ALL New Zealand women - sluts. Promiscuous men tend to get names that have a certain element of back-patty, nudge-nudge wink-winkyness. Do you use those words yourself? Males don't get called sluts. These words are powerful weapons used by weak people. At the same time you are making those words okay. It finds one Professor Carter trying to enthuse his infant audience with the short stories of the Czech absurdist, with the help — and frequently the hindrance — of two sceptical accomplices.

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