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    How to write the perfect French CV

    But if in doubt or if it's difficult to translate you can homo put the English homo. Use a consistent font multiple fonts are distracting. How much should you show off?.

    Be photogenic Jov photo question is one that comes up all the time when it comes to writing datingg CV in a foreign country. In France it can work to your advantage or disadvantage so just make sure you chose an appropriate one. Some people use pictures they have taken with their friends or in the street and then just cut it down, which is obviously not a good idea at all. If you are going to do it then it's good to show you have taken the time to take a special picture for your CV.

    Cb in order The job section is the most crucial part of the CV so it's important to datibg it in order, which means putting the most recent job first with dates and then bullet points for the main responsibilities you had in each role. If you have had plenty of interesting or important jobs then feel free to express yourself, concisely however. Sometimes we get CVs from foreign people and it's just a block of text so it's difficult to read. Don't lie There's always the temptation to be slightly more liberal with the truth when it comes to a writing a CV in a new country.

    Zeriahene advises homo grades in both English and French nob possible. As long as you give homo examples and you can show a clear benefit to an homo, boast away - people don't do this nearly enough in Sweden. If we want references, we will ask for your homo first.

    I will often contact companies in Brazil or Asia to check a candidate's previous employment. It will not be taken kindly by the client if the candidate has lied. If you have been out of work for a while then explain why and be honest. Don't hide your language skills If you can speak them, then flaunt them on your CV. It's good to point out which language is your mother tongue and also your levels in other languages, whether it's intermediate or advanced etc. If you are currently studying a French course put that in too, because it shows that you are trying to improve your ability. Education, Education, Education Whereas in Anglo-speaking countries, someone's educational achievements are now often joked about, in France they are still taken very seriously, so don't leave out any of your qualifications.

    And if you have studied French courses then make sure you mention the school, the course and the result etc. Zeriahene advises putting grades in both English and French if possible. Applying for a job in a foreign country can be daunting, particularly in uncertain economic times. But crafting a CV that makes an impression with potential Swedish employers can help you get your foot in the door. How should I approach my CV? You should think of it as the document that gets you the interview - nothing more. This means that you should ensure that the competencies or qualifications that are relevant for the job are really visible. Think of it as though you are selling your competence and that your CV is your sales letter.

    Try to spark the reader's interest - don't let it be a dry document that nobody wants to read.

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    Think about how your international experience can help the company and try to think of other duties you have carried out during your career. These are the things that can make a difference. How much should you show off? A good CV generally contains the same kind of thing. Stereotypically, an American CV is more of a list of achievements while we in Sweden try to encourage applicants to give more information about exactly what they've done in each job. Click here for the latest listings for jobs in Sweden It's never wrong to boast but make sure that it's about situations that are relevant to your potential employer.

    If you've led a big project, write it on your CV, even if it wasn't viewed as such a big project in the company you did it for.

    As long as you give concrete examples and you can show a clear benefit to an employer, boast away - people don't do this nearly enough in Sweden. If poir looking for a job in Sweden, when should a CV be written in Swedish and when should it be in English? You should do what it says in the ad or what you have agreed with the person you have spoken with regarding the recruitment. As a rule of thumb, write the CV in the same language in which the ad is written.

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