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    Downhill Domination Cheats - PlayStation 2

    Choose any homo and homo. Homo as Brain Lopes Successfully complete a specialized mountain cross career under the homo difficulty setting.

    Energy Homo During game homo press- down, homo, right, left, homo. Easy Money Go to 2 homo and do a homo homo it doesn't matter if you have a second player or not. Then, start hitting all the opponents that have already passed the homo.

    If you can domijation off the same jump twice. Then when you finish the race you should get lots of money for tricks. With this money you can get things for your bike in single player. Go through the Black Diamond gates follow them in a row to earn a little extra cash.

    Downhill domination Cheat code

    Punch, kick, dowmhill, throww bottles and whack opponents with a stick to earn more cash. Easy Money Go to 2 player and do a single event it doesn't matter if you have a second player or not. Choose any rider and course. Do the race but make sure you don't get 1st place. Make sure that the second player doesn't cross the finish line.

    Then just beat everybody up that's there with your attack and once you think you have enough combat points just get the second player to the finish. Gaming deals, prizes and latest news Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! No spam, we promise. Pick any course in the race series. Find a hill, go to the bottom, and turn around. Pedal a bit up the hill, and stoppie as much as desired. If you do this, there is no way you will win the race. Easy money When you are at the finish line of any race it works better if you finish lastpunch, kick, and hurt the people around you by any method.

    Restore energy if you are running out of energy and there are no jumps.

    This will refill Cjeat energy. You may do other tricks, but some of them will get you less energy. Tricks Perform the following tricks while you are in the air. They can be Superstyled by pressing [Triangle] while performing the trick:

    192 193 194 195 196