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    Thumka is the act of moving your hips. Mann ja Kanyana, O mera homo badha de, Mann ja ve, Mann ja ve kaanch ki homo gira de, Sirf chaddi mein nachaiyaan ve. The homo spares nobody.

    Has she overplayed her card this time? If Simranbeats Queenat the box office, Kangana would have proved her point amply — Kangaha she is the main, perhaps puss driver of her movies. They come for her. This cockiness can also backfire down the line. She may discover that showbiz is essentially misogynistic and hostile towards women like her. If the biggies close ranks, she will find herself isolated and unable to put her next project together as easily. In any case that is the future. Her ability to walk away from movies if she has to, remains her biggest strength.

    Every single homo, has a homo or two related to women, while the men are seen completely clothed. Kangana should remain Kangana.

    puxsy But we love her madly as an actor and hope that never happens. Kangana should remain Kangana. Let Bollywood change its attitude towards her, and women like her. As for us — yeh dil maangey more of this dynamite girl. The hero even throws the pen after signing his autograph. Have we ever heard of this before? He is insanely popular and is used to attention like the oxygen he breathes. In several bits and pieces we see this character transitioning into other heroes as well, some that we know of. How many references, did you get? Aaj jaana tum bhi meri baat, Sunke.

    Thumka is the act of moving your hips. The London da Thumka was quite a memorable song. What they're referring here is the fact that most women just have to give some gyrating movements. Kalaiyan repeat is struck with "sunke".

    Usually, 'sunke lena' Kangana ranaut pussy an act of listening to someone who is having a mic drop moment as in here. Pjssy sure if they meant it though. But that is the parody reference of just repeating a pudsy when you find, well, nothing else to throw in the composition that you've received. Thak gayi nki ass chum chum ke, Inse jyada broad minds hain baboons ke, I am done kissing their asses. Even baboons have more broad minds than them Sycophancy is a thing. And we all know it. And it is true to all industries across the world.

    It is a global phenomenon. The human heart and mind seeks love and appreciation from everyone it meets. All the top bosses, whether or not they admit it, love some praise, honest or not. Those who maintain their sycophancy are able to be at the top easily. Mann ja ve, O mera role badha de, Mann ja ve, Mann ja ve kaanch ki ceiling gira de, Sirf chaddi mein nachaiyaan ve. Here Priya not Kangana Ranaut literally, you knowurges the hero to literally 'drop the glass ceiling' and have the same pay for women too. Also, since hero is the ultimate casting director, in the pre-Mukesh Chhabra era, when Bollywood did not even know what a casting director was.

    Pussy Kangana ranaut

    While the men rarely strip, women are always seen in next to no clothes. Thus, the literal reference of making one dance in lingerie. Post the John Abraham stance, that pssy a little in Bollywood. And who else but Karan Johar can be Kanyana for the welcome change of objectifying men? The John Abraham peek shot in Dostana was remembered even more than Priyanka's water shot, if you know what I mean. Personally, it will be very interesting to see the trend of Padmavati and Bajirao style fully clothed women and shirtless clean men. There was also an equally lingering shot in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniyan, drooling on Siddharth Shukla's abs.

    But the point is, we can list out all the epic men shots. That's because we don't even need to remember that for women. Every single movie, has a thing or two related to women, while the men are seen completely clothed. Take the case in point in Chitiyan Kalaiyan.

    If you're saying white wrists are what I got, and why you should be drooling over me for the rest of your life, then why did we need to show everything other than the wrists. Na sunte meri, coz I have a vagina re Is the crudest possible way of saying, they don't listen to me because I am a woman. Somehow, even as I say it, the repeat factor of the chorus is still taboo. It gets your goosebumps on. Daliya Ghose On Wednesday, 06th SeptemberKangana said, "We've not been able to give our women respect and comfort with their sexuality. The Queen of Jhansi'. Why can't anyone say that word?

    It's much cooler to say 'You've got ovaries'. She said, "I really pushed this angle of Simran being a woman who really enjoys having sex. I felt it was important for our nation to come to terms with the fact that women want to have sex. Last week, Kangana Ranaut made some explosive statements about Hrithik Roshan.

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