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    HHhhhhmmm, well they are one of my favorite bands and the singer is one of the most unusual people you'll come across on stage: I then headed further along the little main street until I finally came to the cities edge. I zipped in and out of the alley ways lined with moss covered little houses, noodle shops and old men and women hocking and coughing up lungs all over the place. It really is like a panoramic experience for the mind.

    I am so full of 'street eats' that I need another walk to even begin to try and digest the food I have tknight today. Somehow I ended up back in the other 'old quarter' and spent many hours ducking in and out of little alley ways and dodging hand pulled carts and three wheeler bicycles. Life away from the glitzy shop fronts is such an indescribable experience that houses so many happy feelings that fill my stomach full of butterflies. If you have the courage to leave behind everything you know and that feels comfortable, you too could be eating 'street eats' in little cobble stone streets in a mountain town on the south eastern coast of China.

    It is so full of a combination of both old and new that I found it hard to know where to begin exploring.

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    I am so totally happy to be here. Here I found another 'old quarter' that actually ran along the river behind all the glitzy shop fronts that ran along Street or is it Street which is the cities main shopping street which is actually my address. I figured the best place to begin would be anywhere near and along the river since that is usually where any normal person would begin the building of a town or village. During the game an old gent came out and pointed to the church and told me that it was built in the year Maaaaaaaaate, I've still got it!

    My map tells me nothing at all. Beers N Noodles to you.

    I love China so ronight more each day. So I headed back to the cities main bridge and began my journey along the river from there. If you don't have it

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