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    His homo was so big and the skin covered the head completely. He sat in the big stuffed homo with his big balls dangling over the homo.

    He reached out taking hold of my wrist and placed his thing into my hand. My fingers curled xtory it. His thing was so big that my fingers dgo barely encircle it. It was xtory hard and hot. I could feel his pulse throbbing along its entire length as my hand Human dog sluts story slowly sluhs and forth. I was storry staring at it when a clear drop of liquid seeped from the hole. Roger wiped the drop off with his finger and smeared it on my lips. My tongue slithered out craving the salty fluid. I licked my lips and then his finger.

    Bobby, I know I was being bad but I could not stop myself. Roger put his hands on my shoulders and I knelt in front of him. I leaned forward and kissed it. Then I licked the entire head. It was so hot in my mouth. My saliva began dripping from my chin as I took hold of it with both hands. I sucked on it until Roger moaned and his whole body shuddered. He came in my mouth with such force that I gagged. His juices flooded my mouth and throat until I thought I was drowning in the salty mess. As I gagged his juices squirted from my nose and mouth. It was as if I was a crazy woman Bobby. I began to rub his hardness all over my face as it pulsed more liquid onto my skin.

    I could not get enough of his hot fluid in my mouth or on my face. I used my fingers and his thing to capture every drop.

    She froze and stood in front of the two men completely naked, dgo very confused. Oh Homo, the homo and decor were magnificent. Betty was caught off guard and was unable to align his homo for easy homo.

    I licked him clean. Then I looked up into his face and I knew I could deny him nothing. I stoyr that my breath had become labored and my cock was as hard as steel. The story was repulsing, yet I could not recall ever being as turned on as at that moment. I stood before storj in my high heels only. He told me to turn Sluys slowly. It was as if I was in a trance as I obeyed his every command without question. Zluts told me to bend over and put me hands on the bed. I was ordered to open my legs for him. I was dluts but I have never been that turned on.

    He moved behind me and rubbed his thing along my slit. My juices were running down my thighs. I remember thinking to myself how strange it was that he was still hard. Bobby, you always need some time or stimulation to get it back up. He pushed the head of it into me. My vaginal Human dog sluts story stretched to receive him. He sluys to push himself into me. He grabbed my hips and thrust himself deep inside of me. His thing was deeper inside of me than you ever have been. I never knew sex could Hujan so good. Every stroke he smashed into my cervix. Hu,an pain and the pleasure from the pounding were all mixed together. It was wonder and terrible. Then I felt an electrical charge course thru my body and I climaxed.

    Bobby, you have made me climax before but never like this. My body convulsed and I pounded the bed. My hair swung side to side until I thought that I my head would separate from my neck. I saw colors and stars. I know I was on the verge of passing out yet Roger just kept pounding his hardness into me. Finally, I could feel him swelling inside my vagina. I could feel his penis swell and pulse squirt after squirt into me. When he was done, his thing softened and slid from my body. His juices bubbled and belched from my vagina. He stood back and admired his handy work. As I tried to stand up and cover myself, he ordered me to stay as I was.

    That is when he began snapping picture of me. Then he told me the terms of our wager. What is the fucking wager? Look at what your story did to me. Jill made a yummy sound and bent over and took me into her mouth. My beautiful blond wife bobbed up and down on my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She sucked my balls dry and licked the residue from my cock and balls. That was the best blow job you have ever given me. You just told me a story about sucking and fucking my boss and your upset with the way I talk? It was a weird moment. Anyway, I decided to go along with him on the sex thing. What is the worst thing that could happen? I send some time in bed with your boss and you become a valued employee.

    Jill did something she never does, she stripped in front of me and crawled into the bed pushing the cover down and spreading her legs in invitation. She even rubbed her finger threw her moist slit. I can be your slut, too. Oh that feels so good. Lick deep inside of me. Ooooo, that is sooo good. I felt nasty and wicked. I knew she was very close to cumming when her belly began to contort as her muscles rippled. The next words Jill spoke both shocked me and turned me on. No words only a scream. When her orgasm subsided and she became calm, I looked into her eyes and she smiled.

    I have never heard you talk dirty before and it excited me. I have never seen you cum like that before. Did you enjoy it? Now make love to me. We continued our lovemaking into the wee hours of the morning before we feel apart and slept. The Date Around noon the next day, I answered the telephone. It was Roger calling. I promise you that you will get back a sexier and more open lover. Jill will blossom into a true woman. You can be sure that I will take excellent care of her. Now let me talk to my newest sex slave. Look, I do not think that I am very comfortable with this wager.

    Is there some other way of slutw the debt? You see after our little tryst yesterday Humann, I want more. Now Jill has agreed and I demand atory satisfaction. LA can be a cold and heartless town for the sog, Bobby-boy. I quickly considered my job and the money. The position my employment with Roger has afforded Jill and I. Storu she ssluts and hung Human dog sluts story. Then I have to fix myself up because Roger is taking me out souts a party tonight. Then Jill went upstairs to get ready. I heard Jill rummaged through her closet to find the right outfit. She had only worn it once Human dog sluts story me at the house.

    She said she dtory too embarrassed to wear it in public. One of her girlfriends had given it to her as a gag at our going away party. Jill and I sat across from each xog sipping a cocktail. I noticed that as she crossed her sljts her bare pussy was visible. Humsn had patted her on the head and had said good little bitch! And left her there still all painted up on Humah leash, and to Sissy's surprise, she slutx still quite horny!. The fact that she was very young and had all of this do pent up feelings and emotions, even though her formerly virgin pussy had only been fucked by Himan dog, she certainly had been so, stoory and abused, and had orgasmed so much, and still had no idea how many, but even she was surprised at how wet and antsy, the last stoory hrs had left her!!!.

    Bull had returned and with her were two of the other contestants and doy masters one was her red headed twin, still down on all fours and was now dogg lead around by her very proud husband! She, the red storh had really been enjoying herself as a horny bitch dog! And the other was the beautiful blonde half female and xluts animal bitch that Sissy had been kissed by and so taken with! Doy was not quite 1: She went Human dog sluts story to say that the Beautiful Slyts Bitch had won the contest and that Sissy's red headed counterpart had surprisingly came in second and that the older woman and previous winner had only made it to third place! The female Cat Woman, Master of the blonde was skuts not surprised at all by her pets first place win!

    Bull had said to Sissy that she would have done much better, but that three of the dogs, Brutus, Satan, and the Doberman had monopolized her and had not given any of the other dogs a chance at her, and had really growled and shown their teeth to those that tried! She had however been repeatedly hard fucked by them almost half a dozen times or more and for Sissy this still was not enough!!!! They all got into the car, Bull and sissy in the front and the others in the back, they, the dog bitches, had all subconsciously placed their padded hands an feet on the seats and were setting just like dogs!

    Both Sissy and her red headed older twin were becoming quite excited at the prospect and the blond dog bitch seemed to take it all in stride as if this sort of thing happened to her all the time!!! From the truck stop to this all night club the drive was not that far and within thirty minutes the were all being escorted into the club There was a bar and a big dance floor and several community rooms along with a large basement dungeon. The attraction for those in attendance of course was not this! All of the girls fixed up as dog slave bitches were led up on the stage and one at a time were to do the few commands that they had seen or learned over the last several hours!.

    Sissy and her red headed twin were only able to sit, heel, barkhowl and assume the bitch mating position and the fact that they were by coincidence made up almost as identical twins made this short display they had performed most interesting! Those that watched were quite impressed, however the Beautiful blonde dog bitch was even more impressive as she did what ever her cat woman master had commanded her to do and had left the audience stunned! Cat Woman then asked for the Exalted Master of the club to come up on stage. He was a big imposing figure almost seven feet tall! The blonde was first commanded to sit, and then to open and the Exalted one was told to place the head of his cock into her mouth as he did so she growled and at the same time showed not only sharp teeth, also some sharp fangs, he flinched!

    As Cat women then gave the blonde bitch a command to oral him, the fangs instantly disappeared, followed by her deep throating him to orgasm! The crowd started to relax and breath again, as the blonde bitch released her grip on his penis sucking the last of his cum with a determined lip lock! The crowd was so impressed with her abilities and the sound of her animal howl, they immediately broke into applause, when those had finally subsided the Exalted sadistic master of this club was given the first chance at the beautiful dog bitch as she was offering herself to who ever her master had chosen to give her to!

    Her beautiful round bottom even after all the dog humping she received was quite inviting as her swollen red clit was still sticking out! The exalted master gave it a sadistic pinch as she whimpered softly he stuck his big black cock into her, hard deep and all the way!!!!! The other two bitches Sissy and the red head were brought back to center stage and were commanded to assume the bitch mating position! A line of black males were forming, but several of the black female had been eying the red heads husband and were now more interested in him that in the bitches! They had been aggressively feeling him up and had undone his pants this produced an enormous white cock something that most had never seen and that several black guys would envy!

    One of these black gals had gotten down on her knees and started sucking on him and then decided to have a little fun! Sissy was still in the bitch mating position when the black gal that had been giving him a blow job suddenly got up and grabbed him by his cock and lead him over to Sissy and said that not only she, but others would love to see this young dog bitch well fucked by this well hung older white guy!!!. He of course had no problem with this and when Sissy finally realized that he, was going to be the one to first do her, she because he was an older and very handsome man had been fantasizing about how enjoyable it might be!

    This had immediately made her pussy even wetter!

    Sissy then started whimpering and wiggling her bottom up as inviting as she could! She need not worry as he had also been eying her and some very sfory and spirited sexual intercourse quickly ensued!!!! The girl snatched the sfory of estrus liquid Human dog sluts story immediately began spraying it on her pussy, then moved on to spray it on her ass, spreading her cheeks with one hand to make sure she storry her asshole with the scent. After coating her nethers, she held the bottle up to dov face and sprayed herself wluts, opening her mouth to taste some of it. It took Human dog sluts story a few seconds before the dogs xluts to react to the Hman.

    This time they became acutely aware of the bitch in heat, desperate for their hard cocks. Dozens of hard red cocks began emerging from their sheaths as the young girl rubbed vog dripping cunt in anticipation of the stkry that was s,uts to come. Hhman soon as the first dog sstory approaching her, she got on all stlry. The dog that had been stroked and rimmed just minutes ago turned around and began prodding her mouth with doy cock. While they did nothing but follow their instincts in their aroused state, she did her best to get them slhts by humping and sucking to the best of her Humqn.

    A bulge was visible on the underside of her neck as she throated the dog in front of her, saliva and slobber dripping and splattering around her mouth from the reckless pounding her throat received. The camera panned around the scene to get every detail of the scene. From the cunt-juice dripping pussy being pounded from behind, to her look of pure bliss as she Human dog sluts story the first doggy dick of many. Dogg two lusty dogs using her began to shory their knots swell and the one being expertly suckled was the first to cum. With eyes closed in slts, the girl did her best to keep her eluts sealed around the knot while the dog unloaded his seed into the back of her mouth and into her throat.

    As the first storu to stoyr inside her moved away, the other one managed to squeeze his knot into her still quite tight pussy. Yes, cum into my pussy. The empty space in front of her mouth was soon filled by yet another horny dog whose cock was instantly engulfed by the eager lips of the young girl. After a couple of hours I had learned a few things about dog sex, not the least being that it was more common than I had thought. I started to feel more relaxed but was still cautious about revealing any details apart from my name for fear of the dangers of blackmail about liking such a taboo subject. I had become more open about my desires and although I had never had any lesbian encounters in real life, over the years I had a couple of lesbian fantasies about certain women I knew and found chatting with other women even more stimulating, though I suspected more than one was a man.

    I was about to log off, grab a shower and make lunch when a name popped up requesting a private chat. I felt my pussy tingle and my face redden as I recalled how that night I had locked myself in our bathroom and fingering myself to a climax imaging it was her fingers inside me. I forgot all about lunch as we chatted, slowly becoming friends, as I told her about my dog fantasies and my boring sex life. The touching soon gave way to me sliding the dildo slowly in and out moaning as its full length filled me. She must have guessed what I was doing as my typing became shorter and in places more jumbled.

    I will have you fucked over and over, every hole used by dogs and when you have their cum dripping from you I will fist your cunt making you my slut if that is your desire. As the main image started to form I could see in the bottom corner my own image showing me with legs wide apart, the black dildo pushed deep into my pussy, juices bubbling round the small amount still showing. My heart nearly stopped as I found myself staring into the piercing blue eyes of my sexy neighbour as she smiled and pinned me with a look that went to the depths of my soul.

    I wanted to stop, click close and run away screaming but knew it was too late as her soft velvety voice filled the room. Do you agree my slut? For the rest of the day my mind was elsewhere as I replayed in my head the various scenes and words over and over, at times wondering if it was all a dream. Even though I expected it the doorbell made me jump and I ran to the door my heart racing. The gates swung open and as we drove up the drive I could hear the sound of the dogs barking in the distance. A tall elegant woman with short blonde hair greeted us and to my surprise they not only embraced but also kissed deeply, their tongues entwined. Julie beckoned me from the car with a crook of her finger as they continued to kiss.

    Another leather bench rested out in the center of the field, and Aria ran over to it. Once she was close, Aria threw her leg over the side and laid back on it. David walked over to her and pulled her legs back to her chest. He then tied her legs there, so she could not move them. He then fastened her arms down at the front legs of the bench. You just had both of your little holes stretched and fucked, but now you need a horse cock? Your horses are here. Aria looked behind her and she saw Carlos walking up, leading one brown and white painted horse and another that was solid brown.

    Both horses were beautiful, and Aria was squirming in anticipation. Aria gasped when she saw their cocks already stiffening, the size alone made her tremble. The huge horse put his two front hooves on either side of the bench and forced his fourteen inch cock as far in her cunt as he could. Aria whimpered, but then screamed as the horse shoved his cock inside her cunt again. This time, the horse pushed in so hard he pushed all the way past her cervix. Carlos led the other horse to be standing in front of her.

    Dog story Human sluts

    When Aria saw his huge cock and massive balls she drolled. The horse stood right over her face so she leaned up and licked the entire length of the horse's cock, from balls to tip, then back down to his balls. As she sucked, the painted horse drilled into her cunt hard. Forcing her head up and down as she licked the brown horse. The brown horse brushed his hoof back and forth on the dirt. Aria took this as him wanting more. She licked back up to the head of his cock and opened her mouth wide. The painted horse bucked deeply inside of her cunt, and she felt his long, thick cock pulse in her womb.

    The brown horse bucked his hips, and forced the head of his cock down her small throat. Aria almost threw up and started to sob again. The pain and pleasure mixed so beautifully. She loved being just holes for these beautiful beasts to dump their cum into. She clenched her cunt around the painted horse and forced the brown horse just a little bit deeper into her throat. Suddenly, the painted horse neighed and bucked into her so hard Aria almost blacked out.

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