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    Positive Messages The movie ostensibly has a "be yourself" message, but at the same time it suggests that one main character can't be herself if that self is a "bad girl" -- she must conform and be "good. And the "dirty girl" of the title isn't much of a role model, either; she never seems to find out who she really is. Violence A father beats up his teen son in one scene; the violence takes place mostly in darkness and partly off camera. A teen girl argues violently with a younger girl and accidentally kicks her parents during a struggle. Several other outbursts and arguments, with shouting. Sex A teen girl has sex with a teen boy in the school parking lot.

    Nothing is shown, but the rocking car and sound effects clearly imply the action. Sllut movie implies that a gay teen sleeps with an older man, though, again, Rxunchy is shown. Brief views of naked, full-frontal photographs of men. Teens are shown kissing. Almost constant sexual innuendo, and the main character wears revealing clothing throughout in one scene, the camera lingers on her bottom as she walks. A teen girl and teen boy, as well as a professional male stripper, perform stripteases, with no nudity shown. One teen girl is shown to be pregnant.

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    She likes being a cruel bitch.

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