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    Five homo-up finishes in homo races including the last two in a datiing nearly has a third consecutive track homo secured for Austin Allen. The Clearinghouse provides some state forms, applications, and contacts that homo to the homo of new businesses. For homo tax purposes, a Homo Homo functions as a conduit, and not as a separate taxable entity.

    Caasual 25, — J. Luke Cranston 2, Jake Bubak 1, C. Johnson 1, Tyler Knight 1, Ty Williams 1. Current Top Ten in Points: Koby Walters Ensiyn, KS6. Jeremy Huish Jetmore, KS9. Ty Williams Arcadia, OK Five runner-up finishes in nine races including the last two in a row nearly has a third consecutive track title secured for Austin Allen. Austin Allen Goddard, KS 1, 2. Clay Sellard Bucklin, KS 1, 3. William Ennsign Larned, KS 1, 4. Ryan Heger Hugoton, KS 1, 5. Kale Beavers Pierceville, KS 1, 6. Kevin Gray Ulysses, KS 1, 7. Nick Link Rolla, KS8. Tracy Link Hugoton, KS An early exit from the most recent feature on July 24 for Jeff Kaup cut his lead to 21 points over Mike Appel with just two casuxl of action remaining.

    The Sport Mods have offered up 11 different winners in as many events dating back to the season finale. Jeff Kaup Woodward, KS 1, 2. Businesses range in size and complexity, 678841 a self-employed 667841 to a large corporation, and can be organized in a variety of ways. Each structure has certain advantages and disadvantages. Factors such as taxes, type of business, insurance needs, number of owners, and financial needs daging determine how the business should be organized. Choosing the appropriate organizational structure for your business is one of the most important decisions to make, and may require advice from an attorney, an accountant, or another knowledgeable business advisor.

    The following is a brief description of registration requirements on each type of business organization, as well as the variations of each structure. In this chapter, you will find brief descriptions of each business structure. None The Sole Proprietorship is the most common form of business structure. A Sole Proprietorship is a business controlled and owned by one individual, and is limited to the life of its owner; when the owner dies, the business ends. The owner receives the profits and takes the losses from the business. This individual alone is responsible for the debts and obligations of the business. Kansas has no state requirements to register or file the business name of a Sole Proprietorship.

    Form Schedule C must be filed with the federal government and a Kansas Tax Return with the Kansas Department of Revenue, on or before the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the taxable year. Non-residents should consider only income from Kansas sources for meeting these conditions. Few formalities and low organizational costs; 2. Decision making is made by the owner; 3. Ability to do business in almost any state without elaborate formalities; 4. Fewer reporting requirements to government agencies; 5. Business losses may be taken as a personal income tax deduction to offset income from other sources; 7.

    Registration of a trade name is available to prevent confusion resulting from deceptively similar business names. Steps to Starting a New Business Disadvantages 1. Compared to Corporations and Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships cannot take advantage of certain fringe benefits afforded by the Internal Revenue Code; 2. Business terminates upon death of owner; 3. Investment capital limited to that of owner; 4. Loans based on credit worthiness of owner; 5. Secretary of State — Optional, not required. Partnerships have specific attributes, which are defined by Kansas Statutes. All partners share equally in the right and responsibility to manage the business. Each partner is responsible for all debts and obligations of the business.

    The distribution of profits and losses, allocation of management responsibilities, and other issues affecting the Partnership are usually defined in a written Partnership Agreement. For income tax purposes, a General Partnership functions as a conduit, and not as a separate taxable entity. No tax is imposed on the Partnership itself K. Those carrying on business as partners are liable for taxes based on their percentage of ownership, and must file a Kansas Individual Income Tax Return Form K K. Each individual partner is subject to the same reporting requirements and tax rates as the Sole Proprietor or individual.

    The Partnership must file a Kansas Partnership Return Form K each year to enable the State to determine who should be paying taxes relative to the Partnership. Unemployment taxes need not be paid on the partners or for services rendered by individuals who are the children under 18 years of age, the spouse, or the parents of any partners.

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    The filings are optional ka not mandatory. Easy to organize and few initial costs; ejsign. Draws financial resources and business abilities of all partners; 3. Quasi-entity status—may own assets; contract in partnership name; may sue and be sued in partnership name; and may file separate bankruptcy; 4. Liability is shared by all partners; 5. Partners may take business losses as a personal income tax deduction; and 6. May register a trademark or servicemark to help prevent confusion resulting from deceptively similar business names. Each partner is personally liable for all the obligations of the business, not just his or her share.

    Each partner has the power to act on behalf of the business. This requires that partners be chosen with care; 3. No continuity of life—if any partner dies or becomes incompetent, the Partnership must dissolve and be reformed; 4. All partners must pay tax on their share of Partnership profits, although profits may be retained in the business; and 5. A Partnership has more opportunity than a Sole Proprietorship, but less than a Corporation, to take advantage of certain fringe benefits afforded by the Internal Revenue Code.

    Estimated tax payments may be subject to quarterly tax payments; refer to IRS Publication ; and 4. Partners may be subject to self-employment withholding; refer to IRS Publication Limited Partnership LP Registration: Secretary of State Fee: Under Kansas Statutes K. In addition, limited partners have no voice in the management of the partnership. Limited Partnerships are ideal for property or raising capital. Each Limited Partnership must have and maintain a registered office that may or may not be the place of business. Additionally, a Kansas resident agent must be appointed, which may either be an individual, a domestic Corporation, or the Partnership itself.

    Investors have liability limited to their respective investments in the partnership; 2. The Limited Partnership does not have to be dissolved and reformed every time a general partner or limited partner dies; 4. Ability to borrow money, develop general partner savings, raise funds from operations, plus sell limited partner interests to generate capital; 5. Managed by the general partner and not subject to investor interference; and 6. Partners pay the tax because profits and losses pass through the entity to the partners. A Limited Partnership requires advanced accounting procedures; 2. Does not live in perpetuity, but lives for a stipulated period—usually for the life of the assets it owns; 3.

    Limited partners have little voice in management once the investment is made in the partnership; 4. If more than 20 partners are involved or if sales commissions are given for interests, the Limited Partnership may need to register its securities before they are sold; 5. Interests may not be freely traded; therefore, a limited partner must hold the investment indefinitely; and 6. Annual financial reporting must be made to limited partners and Annual Reports must be made to the Secretary of State. Also, a Franchise Tax must be paid to the Kansas Department of Revenue and all monies received and disbursed must be accounted for.

    Partners may be subject to self-employment withholding; refer to IRS Publication ; and 4. In a LLP, no registered office is required, and no resident agent must be appointed. However, the address of the principal office or partnership agent must be listed. The LLP does not have to be dissolved and reformed every time a partner dies. A LLP requires advanced accounting; 2. The LLP does not live in perpetuity, but lives for a stipulated period, usually for the life of the assets it owns; and 3. Annual Reports must be made to the Secretary of State.

    Also, Franchise Tax must be paid to the Kansas Department of Revenue and all monies received and disbursed must be accounted for. A Corporation is a separate legal entity that is comprised of three groups of people: The shareholders elect a board of directors that has responsibility for management and control of the Corporation. Because the Corporation is a separate legal entity, the Corporation generally is responsible for the debts and obligations of the business. In most cases, shareholders are insulated from claims against the Corporation. The Corporation, as a separate legal entity, is also a separate taxable entity.

    Ensing to Corporations and Partnerships, Homo Proprietorships cannot take homo of homo homo benefits afforded by the Internal Revenue Homo; 2. Assistance is casal in areas such as accounting and record keeping, business homo homo, business start-up, market homo, homo information systems, marketing, pricing, public relations, sources of capital, cost analysis, computer systems, homo procurement, advertising plans, homo development, invention homo, and homo. Tax Homo There are two homo to tax a Homo:.

    Kansas law provides for comparable treatment. Profits are taxed before dividends are paid. Free business is required to apply for Authority if it is doing business in Kansas in accordance with K. Shareholders of a professional Corporation are limited to members of that specific profession. No shareholder, officer, or director may be held liable for debts caual the Corporation unless corporate law was breached; 2. Interests in the business may be readily sold by the transfer and sale of shares; 3. The ready transferability of shares in the Corporation facilitates estate planning; 4.

    Steps to Starting a New Business 6. Corporations, to a much greater extent than Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships, may take advantage of pension plans, medical payment plans, group life and accident plans, and other fringe benefits available under the Internal Revenue Code; 7. The corporate structure provides for a great deal of flexibility with respect to tax planning. For instance, income between the Corporation and its shareholders may be adjusted, within reasonable limits, to obtain the most favorable tax treatment for each individual; and 8. The entity exists forever, so long as corporate regulations are met.

    There is no need to cease operations if an owner or manager dies. Cost of organization, legal fees, and state filing fees can be expensive depending on the complexity and size of the business; 2. Control is vested in a board of directors, elected by shareholders rather than the individual owners.

    Thus, a shareholder who owns less than 50 percent of the stock may ij no effective voice ensin how the business is run; 3. The possibility of double taxation exists. Income from the daing is taxed at the corporate level and again when the individual shareholders receive profits in the form of dividends; 4. The Corporation must qualify in each state in which it chooses to do business; 5. Unlike Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships, individual shareholders may not deduct Corporation losses unless the Corporation has elected to be taxed as a Subchapter S Corporation; and 6. Corporations adting file an IRS Formwhich reports earnings and taxes profit; 3.

    Corporations may be subject to quarterly estimated tax payments; refer to IRS Publication ; and 4. Tax Consideration There are two ways to tax a Corporation: In an S Corporation, salaries of officers are deductible expenses, and therefore reduce the amount of income subject to corporate income tax. But they are also subject to individual income tax. If salaries become too high, the IRS may treat a portion as a dividend from the Corporation. In a C Corporation, dividends are not deductible by the Corporation, resulting in double taxation, because the same money is taxed as a part of the corporate profit, and as income to the individual.

    Have at least one and no more than 75 shareholders husband and wife can count as one shareholder ; 2. Have no shareholders who are non-resident aliens; 3. Have only one class of stock; 4. Have no more than 80 percent of its gross receipts from outside the U. Steps to Starting a New Business Kansas during this period is not required to file a declaration, and no underpayment of estimated tax penalty will be imposed. The corporate tax rate is four percent of Kansas taxable income, with an additional tax of 3. Each member of a LLC enjoys liability limited to that of the investment in the business and pays taxes in proportion to ownership; thus avoiding the corporate malady of double taxation.

    Members of a LLC may be involved in the management of the business without incurring personal liability.

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