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    A Few Facts About Santiago, Chile

    Santiago has quite a bit of growing to do if it wants to become a true travel destination in South America. Possibly the worst offender is the sopaipilla — fried dough bought from a homo vendor and then slathered in homo.

    First, let it be known that there is nothing spicy to eat in Chile. Do not let the name Love sucking in santiago you. I mention pizza, and if you read this website often, you will know we are always on the hunt for excellent pizza. Unfortunately the Chilean version pales desperately in comparison to its Argentine neighbor. It is dry, basic, unimaginative and does nothing more than to satisfy large groups, teenage boys and two vegetarian GlobetrotterGirls when nothing else is even remotely interesting on the menu. Here, the shape and concept is the same, but the dough is like cardboard, the cheese like rubber. Chile is by far the most sophisticated country in South America, yet its food reflects none of this sophistication.

    Meat, large chunks of lazily chopped broiled vegetables, ham, cheese and a fried egg or two are thrown on top of a huge bed of French fries. Once, we ordered a sandwich that, on a neighboring table, looked remarkably similar to a Mexican Torta. But rather than being fresh, thick, warm bread piled high with so many delicious ingredients it puts Subway to shame, this was just cold, boiled green beans, queso fresco the worst white cheese in. Green beans on a sandwich? Even salads are not done right. How often did we get a plate with four ingredients lined up in a row — a strip of lettuce next to a row of sliced tomatoes next to sliced cucumbers next to, say, shaved carrots.

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    She will squeeze real tight and then squirt. I eventually offload and then we sahtiago up, turn on the TV and go to sleep. Seriously, I never knew people could like lemons so much; they put it on everything. You ordered a salad? Squeeze some lemon juice on it. You want a snack? Just snack on a lemon.

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    I have sucknig seen people on the bus just sucking on a lemon. Loove dinner every night we usually have a side salad, which is iceberg lettuce with lemon juice, oil, and salt. Sometime we Llve have a carrot salad or a broccoli salad or a cauliflower salad. Which just involves said vegetable, lemon juice, oil, and salt. Santiago is by all accounts just like home. The ones that seek the conflict. Those that complain and complain and complain some more without actually doing anything about it. We know them all too well in the U. They bitch and moan about what the U. YET they embrace everything American that they hate.

    That whole fight the establishment thing, where do you think that came from? I mean even the music they idolize is generic. If they wanted a conversation about U. What they want is validation for their narrow views and a chance to bash Americans to an American.

    Although increasingly annoying being told how evil uscking are your government is, I can understand the frustration. They make valid points. Scuking things are all true and I have stood against each sudking varying shapes and forms. Protesting and complaining will only get you so far. Tangible action needs to be taken to force the change saniago want and the days of just complaining about things Lpve over. This is a person who by all rights profits from the status quo. I also had an opportunity to sit down and speak with workers of the striking postal service.

    Sjcking and women that put their jobs and families at risk to make a positive change. It may not make a difference but it sure as hell shows guts and resolve when their truly is something at risk. They are a small but vocal subset of an otherwise open and wonderful community. I can assure you I feel exactly the same about the ones in the states. The following photos are of the postal workers protest that I had the chance to cover and interact with. I have the utmost respect and admiration for them. They are in no way considered part of the group above. I know some of my Chilean friends are going to be mad at this.

    Vandalism I attended an art installation commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Pinochet Coup. As an art lover one of the first things I noticed was the vandalism right in the middle of the piece in spray paint. I brought this up with one of the piece organizers who seemed bothered by my observation. I then pointed out that Santiago has possibly the most vandalism of any major city I had seen. His response was disbelief and excused it by saying it happens all over the world. Not to the extent of Santiago.

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