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    What the app is essentially, is a fuck book where other people who are down to casually fuck are listed. You get matched based on your location so you can meet easily. And soon I was on the road singing an old Sam and Dave song I used to dance to back in the day: Five hours later, I skidded sideways into the hospital parking lot. My boy is big. So I said a silent prayer, left them to their task and went out to join the others — her parents, her sister, my daughter — a small, but devoted cheering section. Finally, mercifully, when a nurse announced that the baby had arrived, we clapped and hugged and laughed and cried as if the Giants had just beaten the Dodgers to win the Series.

    He was named for his granddad, my late husband, and somehow, I realized, the name fit. Feeling the weight of his body 7 pounds, 1 ounce in my hands or seeing my boy so overjoyed to be his dad. But I doubt I will ever be the same. For now, I am happy just to watch him sleep. S Publisher ganderson salisburypost. And that oversight is causing him all sorts of trouble. Presidents who come into office with vacation homes, no matter how elaborate, get a pass when they go there, even when, like Ronald Reagan, they stay there for weeks on end. Kennedy had the family compound at Hyannisport on Cape Cod. Bush had the family summer manse at Kennebunkport, Maine. Lyndon Johnson had his Texas ranch.

    The headline on a column in the New York Daily News compared her to Marie Antoinette, a ludicrously overwrought comparison. But with the U. The columnist, Andrea Tantaros, suggested Camp David instead: Then again, nothing says compassion and leadership like blasting away at clay pigeons. He was also criticized when he vacationed there last year. The Clintons also holidayed there. If he goes out to eat, golf, shop or sightsee, the locals complain about his vehicle motorcade and his motorcycle escort, over which he has no say, because it ties up traffic. Richard Nixon bought three of them, and look what happened to him. Obama might want to lift a page from the book of George W.

    Bush, who would vacation at his Prairie Chapel ranch in sweltering central Texas to cut brush.

    It was a very successful event, providing more than 80 haircuts and 20 hair stylings. We would especially like to thank these sponsors: Craig Turner and Mrs. Thanks to all the local barbers and beauticians who volunteered their time to the event. We equally appreciate all of the other donors, who are too numerous to list individually. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

    Limit one letter each 14 days. BoxSalisbury, NC Or fax your letter to I, too, am an elderly lady, and we are also overrun with cats and dogs. I called Animal Control in January, when many of the cats became pregnant at the same time. Last Tuesday, I went out to the dumpster and there was one of the kittens, dead in the trash. When I calledAnimal Control called me right back but said there was nothing they could do about it. We had a lady who was bitten by a stray dog, and now she is going through a lot. I agree with the letter about spaying and neutering. Shame on the person who threw their kitten into the dumpster. I heard it again not long ago. I The question rises from a well-intentioned, civics-book view of politics.

    But it overlooks the basic fact that politics is about differences and disagreements — often deeply held. On health-care reform, Democrats thought every American should be required to have insurance. There is no middle ground there, no compromise. So we see who has the most votes today. Then the other side gets a chance to take its case to the people for their vote. That leads to a lot of fussing and fighting, fuming and fulminating, posturing and positioning. You may not like that free-for-all. Hoffman benefited from He learned that Customs his own knowledge of copyrandomly pulls product to be righting, cataloging and self- inspected, but before that producing CDs. Designer happens, the agency lets it friend Mike Webb also consit for 10 days.

    Hoffman said he could have paid a fee and had a woman handle everything he did as a self-publisher.

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