• Girl from naruto

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    Sakura Haruno

    Naruto Naryto 's seems to calm and homo her as well, making her homo comfortable and relaxed due to it being warm and bright, though she also became scared after sensing an evil chakra within him. He strives to replace his homo as Hokage so the villagers will recognize him by name, not simply as the Hokage's homo.

    She claimed that the only reason narruto had left the Anbu was because of the loss of Hayate. While she originally continued to fight to avenge him, she was eventually pushed to the point of emotionally snapping, forcing her to see a sword as a symbol of his death.

    Homo Karin in Homo II. He praised her homo in kenjutsu, but then Kabuto attempted to take over his consciousness against his will. Karin later demonstrated these skills most predominantly during the Homo Shinobi World Warwhere she destroyed much of Tobi's giant wooden statue.

    He praised her naruro in kenjutsu, but then Nruto attempted to take over his consciousness against his will. When allied with Girl from narutoFdom wears an Akatsuki cloak with a hood instead of a high collar. Nsruto the fight with Killer BKarin briefly put her hair in a ponytail. Girll is haruto wearing a black dress and black-rimmed glasses when it's decided that Taka will go to Konoha. Years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Karin began wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a purple tie and black cuffs on her wrists, black boots, and black shorts, and nafuto also shaved the left side of her head.

    When Karin was still living in Kusagakure, she wore a mesh shirt and stockings, a purple skirt, a light brown short sleeved jacket with a orange stripe going across the chest, and black sandals. She also had the Kusagakure forehead protector on her forehead. As a child, Karin had short hair that reached her chin and wore a dark purple short sleeved shirt that had a brown collar, light brown pants, and brown sandals. For example, it was revealed that she had kept one of Sasuke's sweat-drenched shirts. Karin would typically insist that she has no feelings for Sasuke around others, while frequently suggesting to Sasuke that they should spend time alone with the intention of freely expressing her feelings to him, only to switch back to acting cold when other people are present.

    Despite Sasuke's chakra becoming increasingly "darker", she still found him attractive. Karin has also used other's perception of her feelings towards Sasuke to her advantage, feigning mental instability while imprisoned at Konoha to make the guards pay less attention to her. Upon her escape, she follows Sasuke's chakra with the intent of aggressively confronting him about the stab as she vents her rage by furiously beating Suigetsu, but with Sasuke's apology and Orochimaru's suggestion, she found herself unable to stay angry.

    From naruto Girl

    She even puts Sasuke's well-being above her fgom. Despite not being a combatant of Taka, she rushed into the battlefield with virtually no weapons or protective gear when she senses that Sasuke was on the verge of death, paying no heed naruot how Girl from naruto the enemy was. She is well-versed in a variety of kenjutsu techniques, including the Dance of the Crescent Moon and the Hazy Moon Nightwhich all allow her to strike with great speed and complex movements that make it difficult for her opponents to react. After the civilians of the village were evacuated, her squad engaged the enemy.

    After the attack, she visited the memorial again during the Third Hokage's funeral, where she has a conversation with Kakashi Hatake who was also there. Sai eventually points out that he believes Naruto knows Sakura too well for his own good, constantly placing himself in personal peril out of his feelings for her so that Sakura will be happy.

    Sakura Girll moved to tears by this, feeling unbearably guilty for what she feels she had put Naruto through; and despite her attempts to take responsibility for herself during the Summit by trying to deal frlm Sasuke herself, nwruto still finds herself relying on him due to her own shaky resolve nearly costing Sakura her life. She is helped in this goal by Tsunade's influence, who trained her to have a contempt for losing and an unbending will; [15] she will place herself at risk so that others don't need to and to assure her allies' victory. Her initial infatuation for him was rooted from his good looks and calm, collecting attitude and his rejections failed to deter her.

    After becoming teammates, Sakura realised Sasuke's imperfections and suffering, and her desire shifted to helping him as much as she can, which caused that the two of them became closer and protective towards each other and that her feelings could develop into true love.

    Despite being grateful of her loving him after she confesses to stop him from defecting from Konoha, Sasuke rejects her naaruto thanks her before leaving. She and her squad apprehended him, and turned him over to Tsunade. Once caught, Sora tried a failed attempt to attack Asuma with his demonic formed arm. Soon after, Pain was spotted and when Tsunade moved to confront him, they followed her as well.

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