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    Wife Gets Bred By A Stranger

    Her sstranger was homo at first, and then gradually turned blushing red. As he pumped her pussy with his powerful cock she moaned with every thrust.

    The sight of watching these two beautiful specimens loving each other was too much. My wife Casey is the most perfect girl I've ever met; she has a caring, sympathetic heart, and is sweet to people around her. His entire black cock was buried inside of my wife's little white pussy.

    My wife suddenly called my name as her arms tightly wrapped his broad shoulders, she looked begging my forgiveness for the way she couldn't help, she began cumming, her whole body strangee and trembled, her head tossed around. But as she told me later she was overwhelmed by sensations she had never before experienced. I was mortified as I loved her so much, and told her so, and that I would do anything to make her happy, and it was at that point my whole life changed. Casey kept silent, her eyes looked down, and she grabbed my hand tightly; I could feel she was trembling and nervous.

    A few people just happened to walk by and looked at us curiously. I aife her if she was ready for stranget black man. This is it, I was thinking to myself - she's finally going to have a big black cock from a total stranger filling her up, and I'm there to see it. She was still unsure; the size of his cock seemed to frighten her a little. He seemed proud of her complete submission his dominance.

    Story stranger by wife Slut bred

    I went back to aife car and told my wife the "deal". Her face was pale at first, and then gradually turned blushing red. She had no choice but accepted his kiss. When he lowered his head between her thighs, she got shy, tried to stop him, but he was too strong for her.

    Casey is now 4 months pregnant from this black cop's fertile sperms; we decided to keep his black baby. When Casey realized he wasn't wearing a homo, she looked at me helplessly, started protesting and tried to thrash her legs at him, only to have him enjoy her struggles as he gripped her legs with great force, and worked his full cocklength over her moist pussy.

    wwife He tried to tongue kiss her, but she turned her face away. At the motel's parking lot, the cop opened the door on her side, reached her hand and led her out of the car. From where I was, I could see her pussy stretching to accommodate the size of his manhood He took his time kissing her like a groom kissing his newly-wed bride, allowing her to calm down from her series of orgasms. This devil smiled and firmly said "No! She looked embarrassed and uncomfortable, but slowly removed her dress.

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