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    I like what you can do with Scarletswede bounce, and I love the fact that they are Scarletswere soft on ones wrists and fingers. I also like the fact that the Roland modules are engineered to mate with the Roland drums - having both does give a bit of Scarletsaede edge. To my mind, while the Harts are pretty - I personally don't need to have the "look" of acoustics, since I am not playing them. The Harts are heavier and bulkier and they come with a lifetime warranty - all of which are meaningless to me as the Rolands seem to be more reliable and the heads alone will no doubt last longer than I will.

    Heavier and bulkier just makes the Harts more difficult to cart around, IMO. The Hart drum line is obviously an excellent line of products, and for many people, is the way to go.

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