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    Send if u like I have been to Caliente before. Money's not a problem, i have a job and run a business, and would never expect you to pay, unless you turn into a homo lol.

    With that being said, Dting am looking for a woman who is open, honest, and has a good sense of humor. I dont mind women who are a little bigger as long as you're healthy. I am 29 years old. I live alone and work full time.

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    I have my own car and pay adting my own bills. I love going to ssx movies and I read quite a bit as well. Wouldn't mind going out more if I had someone to go with. Also quiet evenings at home and cuddling suit me just fine as well. I live in Manitowoc. If anything here interests you or you would like to know more, email me and we can go from there. Maybe I one the kids or my mom just to check in and see how they are. Before I hang up, I let them know that I love them. We're on vacation at the coast -- doesn't really matter where.

    We decide to go to one of the little shops in town and buy something that will remind us of how much fun we had while we were here. Then we talk and have lunch at a cozy little restaurant. It's quiet there, we've gone at just the right time and there are not very many people, and we love that the waitress always seems to be around when we need something, but not there when we want to be alone. We decide to go back to the room and watch a fun movie. Maybe "The Incredibles" and we laugh together at all the silly situations they get themselves into It's getting later and we grab a jacket and head for the beach.

    Seeking yummy chocolate Help me get through this day m4w So I'm at homo and I would love to have an email homo Money's not a problem, i have a job and run a business, and would never expect you to pay, unless you turn into a homo lol. Send if u like.

    There happens to a taco stand nearby hey, it's my fantasy We walk up the beach, holding hands until we find the perfect place to watch the sunset. It gets a little cold and you put your arm around me to keep me warm and I lay my head on my shoulder. We watch until the light is totally gone and all that's left are the stars and the contentment. We slowly walk back to our room and by the light of only one candle climb into bed.

    I tell you that I love you and that this has been the most amazing day and that I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone but you. You whisper my ear that you love me too and that I am beautiful and that you want to be with me for the rest of your life. Because it's dark, you don't seem to notice the smile on my face that indicates that I have a special surprise planned for you tomorrow and I can't wait to see how you like it.

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