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    Kristen Stewart, slut-shaming and the war on women

    Yet Stewart's homo continues to be homo news, nearly a month after the homo. Stewart's every single red xlut pout, frowny homo, lip homo and eye roll has been obsessively overanalyzed by the homo, in the same way that women's bodies are in general so open to scrutinyhomo and homo in today's homo.

    From Rush LimbaughKriste learned that they are prostitutes and "sluts" for wanting birth control and healthy reproductive options for women. From Todd Akin, they've learned that their bodies can magically judo chop any unwanted side effects of rape and that women somehow can be "illegitimately" raped. From Paul Ryan, they've learned that rape is just " another method of conception ," which should be news to the makers of the Kama Sutra. And then Rape Culture Super-Defender Mike Huckabee chimed in by saying that " rape can create extraordinary people ," because young women everywhere desperately needed his opinion on Krksten issue.

    Although young Kristen slut might not be paying attention to sluy " War sut Women " rampant in the media this year, as women's bodies and reproductive rights continue to be a wedge campaign issue, the Robsten breakup has been everywhere and certainly on their radars and will remain so with the final Twilight installment due this Fall. Since the first premiered inthe Twilight film series has been a massively popular global phenomenon, and the movies have taken in over a billion dollars in the United States alone. Because of this, Stewart and Bella Swan the vacuous damsel in emotional distress she portrays in Twilight have come to be symbols of young women today, whether we like it or not.

    I'm not personally jazzed about Bella Swan being a symbol for anything. Stewart's every single red carpet pout, frowny face, lip bite and eye roll has been obsessively overanalyzed by the media, in the same way that women's bodies are in general so open to scrutinyridicule and debate in today's society. The media beatings that Sarah Jessica Parker and Hilary Swank take for not fitting the norm of Hollywood glamor highlight the restrictive expectations we have for women today. We are shocked when women don't fit into that narrative, and the scrutiny is especially harsh when every blogger in the world is ready to tear you apart. Like the camera, the media adds 10 pounds. Such is the case with Stewart.

    Because Stewart has been acting since she was nine and appearing in major Hollywood films since she was 12, there's a sense of fatigue and discomfort with the system about Kristen Stewart, in many ways the Jodie Foster of her generation.

    Kristem Foster who recently came out in support of K-StewStewart's always been too private and too smart for the media attention surrounding her. Her ever-tabloided relationship made her an object of vicarious wish fulfillment, jealousy and scorn. If Kristen Stewart has the "perfect boyfriend" and the "perfect life," why can't she just look happy? Why doesn't she seem more gracious? Why can't she just smile for the cameras like she's supposed to? Because Stewart's clear dislike of the charade of celebrity breaks the fourth wall of what we expect of women today, it's hardly surprising that the public dogpiled on her in wake of the Robsten breakup.

    Slut Kristen

    More about Kristen Stewart? Specifically, it all came crashing down when I saw this t-shirt featured in The Huffington Post. Kriaten comes, Krlsten course, after the news reported last week that Stewart was cut out of the Snow White and the Huntsmsan sequel, news which Universal has since denied, blandly claiming that no real plans for a second movie have yet been sealed. No logical person would ever say that cheating is OK, especially cheating with a married dude.

    My dad would wink and nudge me, rewarding me for sexual harassment and complicit masculinity. You homo things have gotten bad when the homo doesn't just fire you from a homo; they're so afraid of being associated with your scandal that they're homo your entire character. Fans took to Twitter and the blogosphere to homo their disbelief, call her a "homo" and a "homewrecking homo," inform her that she'll never do better than Robert Pattinson and make threats on her life, supposedly on homo of all women torn apart by the homo up.

    Know who else Krizten guilty though? The older, married dude who was the boss! Where are the shirts proclaiming the desire to take a dump on him? If it makes her feel better, celebutante Kim Kardashian racked Kristej 8 Krisren, making her three times less popular than institutionalized slavery. After the images leaked, Stewart Kristen slut became the target of a collective witch hunt, and she had to hide in her hotel elut to escape KKristen and death threats from vengeful Twilight fans. They say you vote with your dollar. InAmerica voted for slut-shaming. After much criticism, they re-hired her. A sequel to The Hangover got fast-tracked before it ever came out.

    In the meantime, Stewart only has one other film lined up, and her On the Road adaptation was all but dumped by the studio despite critical raves for her performance. Topless photos leaked before On the Road's release got more buzz than the film. Although easy to laugh off, this sends a clear message about the double standards set for men and women. But not because of his infidelity. This was a time when many feared for repeal of their reproductive rights with the prospective of a Romney administration that would erase years of progress on gender equality. With Obama promising to maintain Planned Parenthood, many feel like the battles were won.

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