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    Smoky popped his head in the kitchen. His glacial eyes lightened. Watch college hazing amateurs oral initiation and they lick like champs. Can you move on your own? It did look awfully tiny and insubstantial. She turned back to Justice. Then you came here and decided to open your business. I can't thank you enough. Our porn search engine delivers the hottest full-length scenes every time. I had some peanut butter and jelly in the car, and he College Hazing Babes Oral Initiation went through that pretty fast. I don't want to do it, but I do. He can't think I'm going to come running every time he decides to blow me a kiss or text me. Amateur college girls licked pussy and also pounded with strapon dildo as their initiation to be part of the sorority Tags: Tara and Jenna will be our fluffers, so that you will all be ready when it is your turn.

    While one of the brothers was fucking Ashley, the next two in line were either fucking or getting sucked off by Tara or Jenna. After about thirty minutes each of the frat brothers had taken a turn fucking Ashley. Just remember that when you are going to cum, you have to give it to Ashley.

    She had him sit iniciatiin the couch and then she straddled his cock. Iniviation of the white brothers had come up behind her and started rubbing his cock along her ass. Stick it in my ass! The frat brother put the tip of his cock right on her puckered asshole. He slowly pushed the tip of his cock past the ring. Ashley had let out a low grunt as he pushed his cock into her ass, she whimpered as he slowly shoved every inch of his cock up her ass.

    He slowly pulled it out, then shoved it back in. Doing this again and again, going a lowd faster and harder as she got used to it. Ashley was going crazy from the double fucking she was getting at the hands of these brothers. She had thought that this was all she could take until two inicition brothers came up on either of her and told her to suck their cocks. Having gone crazy with lust she was more than willing to just about anything that was requested of her. As Ashley was getting the fucking of her young life, Tara and Jenna were also having some fun of their own.

    Tara was held in the air by one of the stronger brothers, he was eating her pussy while holding her in the air. While at the same time she was sucking the cock of the brother standing in front of her. He was twisting and pinching her nipples making them swollen and bright red. At the same time Jenna was on her hands and knees, being fucked in the ass while sucking on the cock of the brothers and stroking the cock of the other. They both had got off of Ashley and she turned around and sat down on the couch. His pulled his cock out of her and slammed it back in again.

    She could homo by their groaning that she was about to get another homo. At the same time Jenna was on her hands and knees, being fucked in the ass while homo on the cock of the brothers and stroking the cock of the other.

    He was ibiciation his cock like a jackhammer, as if he Collegee trying to break her in two. Ashley was moaning loudly and her head was thrashing from side to side. A couple of brothers were standing around iniication stroking their cocks. He gave his cock a quick jerk and the first stream of his cum shot out and landed on her forehead and in her hair. The next shot landed on her chin and dribbled down her neck. The remainder of his load had covered her breasts and her belly. The two brothers that were standing on either side also began to cum at the same time. The brother that was standing on her left side started to shoot his load his load on her breasts and her belly.

    The brother on her right side aimed his cock at her face and started his barrage. The first load landed in her hair. The second load landed on her left eye and across the bridge of her nose. His third load had landed on mouth and her right cheek. The remainder of his load had covered her left arm and hand. The brother that was fucking Jenna in the ass had announced that he had a gift for Ashley. He pulled his cock out for her ass, walked over to Ashley and started stroking it. He stood near her face and told her to open her mouth. Ashley opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. He blasted load after load into her mouth, it had overflowed and down her chin and dripped onto her breasts.

    Ashley closed her mouth swallowed his load.

    Iniciation slut load College

    Their hard cocks were throbbing and dripping precum. Ashley had sat up and when she did, cum had started running down her breasts and belly going to her pussy. She grabbed lload of their cocks and started pumping them. She could tell by their groaning that she was about to get another shower. It only Colllege a couple of strokes and Ashley was rewarded with more of what she wanted. They started to shower her in their cum, it was going everywhere. Some of the cum landed in her hair, it splattered on her looad and ran down her cheeks. She opened her mouth and cum ran down into it. Cum splashed over her shoulders and onto her breasts, it was dripping off of her nipples.

    Her body was soaked with cum and there was still more to come. The two brothers that were double fucking Jenna had got up and were stroking their cocks signaling that were ready to shower Ashley also, making her initiation complete. She started sucking on his cock vigorously to get that which she was already covered in. Ashley wrapped her tongue around his cock while she was playing with his balls. Ashley could taste the precum flowing from his cock and knew he was about to cum. As she tasted the first drops of his cum come out, he pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop.

    The stream had shot out of her mouth and up over her face. She held her mouth so she could receive his load. Ashley got what she wanted as he aimed his cock at her mouth and gave her the rest of his load. It filled her mouth and she swallowed it with a smile. Tara and Jenna had come down on both sides of Ashley and started kissing and licking her. This sight was more than the final brother could handle. He walked up to the girls furiously stroking his cock. The cum exploded from his purple head.

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