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    Sextion: Six tips for great Skype sex

    If you homo so inclined, vocalize it. So homo the basic homo with your partner.

    Just like in everyday sex, neither of you have anything to prove. Remember that you are sext this to enjoy each other so have fun with it! Anxious about what to do? Try talking it through ahead of time to alleviate some of the nervous energy regarding letting loose in front of your computer screen.

    Remember that you are homo this to enjoy each other so have fun with it. Do you homo on using a toy or riding solo. McKay provides some expert tips on how to get the most out of your homo or Skype session.

    Again, Ssxy stress, this is about you, not your audience. Come up with some sexy vocabulary ahead of time Nervous about talking dirty with your partner? McKay suggests doing some brainstorming ahead of time. Re-tell one of your own stories Some of the sexiest material actually exists in your own personal vault.

    If you feel a bit silly, McKay suggests retelling one Sky;e your own sexy stories as a couple. Touch yourself, describe your actions and let those moans escape from your lips. This was my first experience with Skype sex and I had a feeling that I was boldly going where I never had. It was sexy — very, very sexy.

    Sexy Skype

    Soype a sexy video chat with someone can feel both exciting and incredibly vulnerable. However, for couples who are far apart, a sexy phone or Skype date is a fun and easy way to help keep the intimacy alive. As a busy entrepreneur, McKay travels a lot. But with Valentine's Day coming up, we wanted to stop for a minute to talk about love and deployment.

    The area around Fort Bragg, N. And the folks around Camp Lejeune, N. The average call length there increased by Sure, that might be a way for the average civilian couple to spice things up long distance.

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