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    Tips on how to keep your greenhouse in tip-top condition

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    The original glass bottles, featuring a simple line drawing of its first store stamped on silver-hued lids became synonymous with Greenhouse the logo also appears prominently on the windows of some of the specialty stores that stock its products. Each bottle pictured at right featured a fun flavour name, like Gold Rush, and its ingredients were listed on the front of the bottle. Greenhouse debuted new bottles pictured below this year, which now have brown-paper labels, with the names and ingredient lists intact. The brand now has more than 40, followers on the social media platform.

    Making high-quality drinks using only natural and organic ingredients allowed the brand to sell its products for a pretty penny. Drinjs broad range of city-dwellers from hip millennials to Baby Boomers were willing to shell out, says Knight. And as the company expands outside Toronto, the co-founders are confident Canadians in smaller, suburban markets will also have a thirst for Greenhouse products. Knight, who is the voice behind the brand, takes great pains to speak to a broad base of potential customers.

    The ex-journalist has drins knack for writing snappy copy that appears on everything from store chalkboards to email blasts to its Instagram feed. Its shops have a community feel, where customers are warmly greeted, and questions and sampling are encouraged. Back in the market was flooded with cold-pressed juice brands. And in the U.

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    The co-founders also want to feed customers plant-based bites, as well as drinks. A un for Spme University found 7. To feed this demo, Greenhouse now sells plant-based snacks. And it sells healthy meals at several of its shops, notably teaming up with Foodbenders to sell food at its Union Station store. The simple line drawing inspired by the store that started it all remains. Make the most of the first sunny day to give your greenhouse a good clean if you plan to start sowing seeds soon. Before you start, take out as much as you can and turn off the power to electric points, covering them to stop any water splashing them.

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    The best tools for cleaning the outside are a good hose and a long-handled soft-bristled kn for tackling the roof glass, using a large sponge. Give it greenhouae good rub to remove algae and, if panes overlap, use an old plant label to ease out the dirt and then rinse the area with freenhouse hose. Clear greenhouse gutters, removing soggy leaves and debris which could end up in water butts or block your drains. Get a long-handled brush to get rid of the rubbish before it enters the downpipes. Once the greenhouse is empty, give the floor a really good sweep and get rid of clutter like broken pots, out-of-date feeds and other junk. Wipe down surfaces with a scouring sponge and wash flower pots and seed trays with disinfectant before thoroughly rinsing and returning to their place in the greenhouse.

    The colourful hues of Helleborus flowers. Plants will suffer most if their foliage is in direct contact with the cold glass, so move them away during the winter months.

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