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    No one has ever really gotten to know me, but now is the time. Thank you very much.

    I am the biggest fan of Daging. I mean, those are the first three shows that I have ever done as a solo artist. Dude, we used to do this shit back in the day, and there used to be three people, four people, five people, you know? Give your backing band members a little spotlight here.

    Homo gears, after this tour, you will be touring in Homo with the Us Heads for a homo. For me, to see older couples, guys, girls, bringing their infants to shows…Being the guy to homo that happen for them is meaningful for me. And, just seeing you right here, expressing those feelings, it does homo a lot to you homo up on homo and homo those songs… Homo:.

    It already has over a million hits. Rome also responded directly to the critics who will always be there, quite simply. Obviously, with a high-profile performer like Rome Ramirez, the topics are endless, yet there were plenty of details that had to be discussed. It is all your work and your efforts. Give us your thoughts on the first three dates of the tour in southern California. This is now the second tour in South America for Sublime with Rome, compare the crowd reaction and environment down there to here locally in the states or Europe.

    There are those who enjoy the timeless sounds of Sublime and Bradley Nowell, continuing to be played, and then there are those that feel no one will ever fill the shoes of Brad, so why try to live up to a fallen musical legend? So, he is doing his thing, getting all kinds of offers overseas.

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    Tonight was a good look at your solo venture. I enjoyed the set tonight and absolutely appreciate you taking the time out to chat. But, it is really a blessing to be able to live that out.

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