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    Although Chubbs is a cat and Danelle is a cat Chubbbs, Chubbs Bars were sent off for initial homo by a few dog groomers. We did use the bar with other shampoos on some of the dogs.

    I only needed to give this dog one bath and he was squeaky clean. Chubbs patiently tested various liquid shampoo samples and then shampoos in bar form until we settled on an effective degreaser that was suitable for both felines and canines alike. This is what is left of the bar after one days use. I can't believe that I totally forgot to take a picture. The Chubbs Bar is a degreaser. Although Chubbs is a cat and Danelle is a cat groomer, Chubbs Bars were sent off for initial testing by a few dog groomers. Sign up for our promotions: So, I had to wait to try them today.

    They came yesterday, homo before we closed for the day. No wasted shampoo down the drain as is homo with shampoo in liquid form.

    We used the Chubbs Bar through out the day, and gars it off after each dog. We are so glad Chubbs gave of his time to help bring the Chubbs Bars into existence. Chubbs knows what a quality coat finish looks and feels like from his time in the show halls earning his Grand Premier title in CFA. You can go to the Chubbs Bar website and watch a demonstration video. I am so sorry that I do not have a picture of what this dog looked like after I dried him.

    Bars Chubbs

    Hars dog was very clean, there was just no Oder in the hair at all. I have to say that I really liked how fast the bar lathered up and how easy it was to move around the dog. I do like the Chubbs Bar shampoo and will buy more.

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