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    Travel Stress can Train Bioinvaders

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    Speyer Singletreff

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    Especially aquatic organisms travel the world, either in the ballast water tanks or on the hulls of ocean going vessels. However, not all species do successfully establish in the regions they reach. Which species are successful, where and why has not been finally clarified yet.

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    Previous studies have shown that invasive species are often more tolerant to environmental stress than related but non-invasive speye. To address this question, the participating students experimented with bivalve species from the family of Mytilidae. In laboratories in Brazil, Chile, Finland, Germany and Portugal they simulated a ship transport of several weeks, during which the mussels were exposed to a heat stress event. Many organisms being transported on or in ships experience such stress periods, for example when vessels come from temperate zones and travel through tropical seas.

    In the laboratory experiments, mussels, which had survived a first heat event, were later exposed to a second stress phase of the same kind.

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