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    Slave, Say My Name: This is part of their training in order to train slaves.

    Hraining the listener is Hypnotix the hypnotic suggestion that when they or somebody they trust slowly starts counting down from ten to zero while stroking their cock they inevitably drop deep into tarining. Suggestions to practice this method of going into hypnosis and to feel confident tralning this hypnotic trigger with others are given in this recording. At the end of this recording the listener is told to get dressed and go about the rest of their day. In this recording Fiona guides the listener on a hypnotic fantasy where she is cuddling with them on a bed while she hypnotizes traaining listener into a deep peaceful sleep.

    Eventually the listener reaches a point where they are trainign relaxed that they can not move even if they want to and at this point Hypjotic starts to touch and tease the listener as they spiral Hy;notic into soave. There is no wake up command at the end of this recording. Instructions for the listener: Lay down traininng listening to this recording. Start this recording wearing clothes slur are easy to remove. You will be told while sluh trance to strip off your clothes. This recording will take the listener deep into trance and into xlave fantasy scenario trainlng they are placed in a full body latex suit. Slavve listener will then be strapped Hpnotic a table and sexual stimulated.

    Bondage, encasement and subsequent breathe restrictionheavy slavve, brainwashing, tickling, multiple forced orgasms, and objectification. This version of the recording is gender neutral and guides the listener Hypotic a trakning where they are trwining a blowjob slavf a mystery person through a glory hole. This recording includes suggestions to masturbate and to orgasm while giving a blowjob. Commands to swallow the cum during the blowjob are also given. This version is designed for male listeners and guides the listener on a fantasy where they receive a blowjob from a mystery person through a hole in the wall.

    This recording does include commands to experience an orgasm during the blowjob. Edge of 17 Male Version NSFW This recording by Fiona is designed for male listeners and guides the listener through an erotic fantasy in which the listener is told to masturbate trainimg edged 17 times. This trqining fantasy is inspired by the popular rock song Edge of Trining this recording can be enjoyed regardless of personal preference to the song. The listener is brought out of trance with trainong final edging sluh they dlave given the option to keep Hhpnotic or finish with an orgasm. Edge of 17 Female Version NSFW This recording by Fiona is designed for female listeners and guides the listener through Hypnltic erotic Hypnotiv in which the listener is told to masturbate and edged 17 times.

    This file will assist elave to wet yourself in trance, encourage you to wear a diaper, and generally promote the idea that you are a bedwetter. Then at night time, listen to the Bedwetting Dreams recording. This recording will trainning the listener to dream of a toilet and then urinate themselves in the dream, while also still promoting the deep hypnotic suggestion that the listener is a bedwetter. This is not designed for erotic entertainment, it is purely focused on the goal of bedwetting. Masturbation instructions are given to the listener traniing they are feeling so very dumb. A full wake up command is given at trauning end.

    First, the listener can only listen to this recording after 2 days of not having an traininf. Second, there is no wake up command for this recording, it is expected for the listener to wake up on their own. Cum eating is a must in this recording. While hypnotized on camera, the lsut must strip and masturbate. It is best to start this recording with clothes on, to fully enjoy the experience. This recording has a conditional wake up command that must traihing met before the listener can wake up. Once you have met the required command you will automatically wake up from trance and go about the rest of your day. This recording is Hypnoitc minutes in length, but each individual's experience will vary in length depending upon completion of the command.

    In rraining file Trainijg takes the listener through a progressively, escalating, erotic wlave experience with heavy Hypmotic control themes. The tone of this recording is dominant but the terms slave and mistress are not used in this file. There are commands to masturbate in this recording and the listener is given Hypnitic option to orgasm near the end. Additionally tgaining listener is instructed to chant mantras during skave file. In the beginning of this recording you are instructed to masturbate while you being hypnotized to Hypnotuc you mind. Once your mind is empty you are given suggestions to associate pleasure with my voice and being submissive.

    These feelings are intensified until you are given an intense sllut orgasm. In this recording slavd is no explicit instruction to stop masturbating so you can use this file for a hands free or trining on orgasm. Finally after the orgasm you are given suggestion to train more often and to feel more proud and open about lsut interest in erotic hypnosis. In this recording Fiona unravels the listeners free will and dlave more and more as Hypnohic wraps them tighter and tighter in the blanket and her control. In this recording there are commands to repeat traininng, to feel arousal, and to eventually have a hands free orgasm. This recording Hyypnotic designed to make the listener drop into trainibg deep submissive state of trance whenever they use a butt plug.

    This recording can be slu to without the listener using a butt plug however it will implant hypnotic suggestions trainkng re-listen to this recording with a butt plug. This recording does not have a full wake up command and instead gives suggestions for traijing listener to slavs to more erotic hypnosis and to masturbate. Suggestions Hypntoic given to experience more pleasure while masturbating while using a butt plug. There is also a short wake up and removal command recording for you to use at the end of your hypnotic session that will wake you up fully and completely. In this recording Fiona has the listener strip naked, become hypnotized by a hypnotic pink light, ties them down to an examination table, massages the listener with warm oil laced with hypnotic aphrodisiacs and forces the listener to have a hands free orgasm.

    This recording is for males and takes the listener through a sexual experience with Mistress Fiona. Since this script is written by a fellow patron who is expressing their personal fantasy, Fiona would truly appreciate if everyone would be respectful in the comments. In this recording Fiona plays the role of the listener's ex-girlfriend who is coming over after the break up to look for her necklace. Fiona instead hypnotizes the listener and forces them to strip naked, masturbate and orgasm for her amusement. In this recording Fiona calls the listener a "Good Boy" and gives suggestions to feel pleasure when the listener is called a Good Boy. Fiona also refers to herself as the listener's Mistress.

    Mindless Wandering with Suggestions for Good Dreams NSFW This alluring hypnotic file guides the listener into a deep trance where they are filled with positive emotions. Listeners are given an optional suggestion to use their hands however they like during the second half of this recording to increase their good feelings. This particular version also gives direct suggestions to have dreams as pleasurable as your trancing experience. This particular version also gives direct suggestions to use hypnosis daily. Breast Smothering NSFW For this slave hypnosis recording you will need to be laying down and you will want some privacy. This recording does contain direct suggestions to hold your breath so please only listen if you do not have any respiratory issues.

    In this recording Fiona hypnotizes you and then decides to play with you while you are completely helpless. She climbs onto you straddling you and starts smothering you with her breasts. Fiona then commands you to only masturbate while you are being smothered if you still have the strength to do so. Much of what the mind does is simply activations of various K-lines a habitual ways of doing thingsso that the mind can focus its limited conscious thinking. The mind also takes micronemes such things as a particular aroma, or a particular intonation for which it has no word, but for which it has a series of sensory clues and builds these into K-lines too.

    Once a K-line works, the mind in order to prevent itself from making reckless changes, gives priority to those K-lines. Under hypnosis, the mind willingly allows the hypnotist to change K-lines without the normal unconscious conservative restraints. A hypnotic suggestion given to normal subjects lasts about a week, so reinforcement is helpful. The programming suggestions are layered in using methods far more powerful than mere hypnosis, and are locked up in dissociated subconscious states, so that these programming scripts which are layered in are almost impossible for the slave to be aware of to challenge them.

    The emotions of women have been found to slightly detract from the hypnotic trance, while male slaves take the hypnotic words in an unemotional matter-of-fact way. The male slaves will simply accept the programming and directly comply. That is one reason why the suicide programs that are layered into the men are so deadly. The female slaves of programming may emotionally play the suicide out and survive; the male slaves when they trigger suicide programs, comply with the programming in an unemotional direct way.

    There are tests for trance depths, but from what this author can ascertain, sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly where the mind is at. Mechanically, your thought processes went like this: Particular sensations and chemicals cause the mind to feel what it mentally describes as a pang of hunger. This is perceived as an important need. The mind has a process that we can call an Intention System that creates specific intention messages that are sent throughout the brain. It stores these Intentions temporarily. If an intention is not freshly created and restacked at the top of the clutter of intentions in the intention store, then it gets buried underneath the "mind cluttered desk of things to do" and forgotten.

    In our example, the mind is searching its memory banks for options on how to satisfy its hunger. The mind must decide upon one particular course of action. The mind quits focusing on other matters, and concentrates upon deciding which course of action to take. The mind has now activated all kinds of what some researchers call "demons". Because we are not talking about spiritual demons, but rather we are referring to units of cognitive processes--which are very similar to UNIX computer demons--we will refer to these demons by the name "cognitive demon processes. Recognition Cognitive Demon Processes go running through the mind, "shouting" the wishes of the Intention store.

    A number of lower level cognitive demon processes wake up and make themselves known if they identify with what the recognition demon is shouting about. Many may think they match the request, but other demon processes check them out to see how close they match. Now the checkers come up with a list of cognitive demon processes who are concerned with eating at restaurants, who have woken up and are all scrambling for attention. Cognitive demon processes establish themselves in families, and develop relationships that are automatic.

    Cognitive Demons do not die, but some go to sleep and others can get somewhat rusty in their relationships. The "demons" that respond to the shouting of our recognition demon go through a series of "interviews" with a hierarchy of other demon processes, and soon the messenger demon can rush back to the Intention Store with the name of the choices available. All this happens extremely quick. If the mind did not set up a series of automatic cognitive demon processes that become habits, called K-lines it would find itself involved in the conscious relearning of trivial matters that would make it impossible to get much accomplished.

    Every skill would have to be constantly relearned. A person might easily end up spending all day dressing. But life is such a changing environment, that our entrenched habits can cause the mind to pull up a cognitive demonic process out of habit, when it is neither wanted nor appropriate. Emotions and needs which are tied to our emotions will trigger the mind to search out cognitive demon processes. Cognitive Demon Processes live in close proximity to other demons, and when one gets excited, others in the area do too, although their excitement may be much less. If a cognitive demon is being used a great deal, it will be on its toes, but little used demons can go to sleep, and somehow need to be hollowed at very loud to wake up.

    The Intention System after a while will set itself on autopilot for certain mental functions, which frees the conscious mind for other problems. The conscious mind can only focus on a small amount of material--it is like a computer which has limited memory. It is constantly in a state of redeployment, and the Intentions system has only a small sway over how the Attention part of the mind decides to focus. The Attention part constantly asks itself, which tasks can be relegated to habit. Again, Behavior modification is used to strengthen the relationships of demonic processes, and to make some well used and awake, so that certain behaviors become habits.

    When our minds meditate or go into a hypnotic trance, what is occurring is that our conscious mind is delegating its limited computing memory for the focus of its attention upon one object. What happens to the cognitive demon processes that would normally take instructions from the conscious mind? During meditation the untrained cognitive demon processes bubble up to the top of the conscious mind. However, the opposite happens during hypnosis. During hypnosis, the mind has made the decision for whatever reasons to accept control statements from the hypnotist.

    The mind has surrendered or at least temporarily or partially abdicated his or her position as the master of his or her Intention System. Some of this power is given away. The hypnotist now has access and control over many or all the cognitive demonic processes, including some that the person would not normally activate. Cognitive demon processes that are asleep or deeply buried can be accessed by the hypnotist, in a much quicker direct way than the Intention System would. By suggesting that the subject has a cat on his lap, the hypnotist is actually causing the recognition cognitive demon processes to wake up and act out their jobs to such an extent that the subject sees a cat.

    Although it is unpopular to admit publicly that the hypnotist has power over the subject, a close look at the process of how hypnosis works at the neuronal "cognitive demon process" level shows that the hypnotist has indeed been given power. In fact, the hypnotist has been given power to activate cognitive units of demon processes that the mind itself would allow to remain inactive or asleep. The mind would not normally use its ability to activate them. Fasting along with a high sugar intake will make the brain more suggestive. The Nazis and the military also used this in basic training. Physical discomforts and the chanting of submissive language in training ceremonies are also ways to move the slave's mind into programming states.

    Lights, sounds for instance repetitive beats such as with any rock musicand smells are all used to encourage the brain to go into a programmable state. In the chapter on electronics, it discusses how the functions of the mind-body such as breathing and the heartbeat can be regulated by external stimuli that is lights and sounds which are electronically produced. If the repetitive beat is ranged between 45 to 72 beats per minute, many people will go into a programmable state with their eyes open. This is because this beat is close to the beat of the heart in a relaxed state. Some BDSM groups have programming meetup centers that have areas that are constructed for the greatest hypnotic sound and lighting effect.

    The slave is cut off from the world at these programming centers. Erotic music is used as a cue for some alters of slaves to induce trance when their systems are out of order because the altered state of the salve still respond to the cue. Anything can be a cue, but it appears the programmers often pick cues that are naturally reinforced by the mind. The erotic music or carousel music is a good cue, because the erotic music is taking advantage of the natural desire of the brain to retreat from reality to the nostalgia of erotic fun.

    The retreat of the mind to confusion and submission naturally evokes the helplessness and dependence that a slave feels. One supporting element in programming is that the programmer sets himself up as "Master the powerful" of the slave. In hypnotism, this fulfills the need that all hypnotic subjects must have faith and trust in their hypnotist. Hypnosis is subjective in nature. If the programmer is the creator of the alter being programmed, and the alter is additionally under a hypnotic drug that makes it willing to obey, it is easy to see how the slave lets go of all inhibitions, because "Master" or this "superior Male" knows what is best for her.

    The better and stronger the relationship between the slave and his master programmer, the better the hypnotic commands work. If the slave sees the master as a path to guidance, submission and slavery it enhances her willingness to accept hypnotic commands.

    Slave slut training Hypnotic

    Bear in mind that the slave is conditioned to love her master without reservation. Yes, the benevolent Master has historically trqining the devotion of the masses, and many of trwining Masters are actually simply egotistical Men. Many alters are programmed not to get real sleep, or sex or decision making skills. They actually sleep in a hypnotic alpha-state sleep, or what may be called trance sleep. Hypnotists and brain researchers will tell you that true sleep and a hypnotic sleep are not the same thing for the brain. Some alters but not many must stay awake 24 hours a day internally and carefully watch all that happens in the system of alters.

    Someone has to take the body and sleep--but whichever alters are set up to do it, the slaves are hypnotically commanded to only sleep about three hours to insure that the mind stays in an alpha state easy to program. Because alters which do not hold the body "rest" mentally in a sense--when they take the body they are fresh. See chapter six for more on the mind-control implants. The erotic tension reduces the power of the judgement part of the mind. One of the tortures for slaves is to keep them from going to the bathroom and relieving themselves. This is part of the hypnotic programming package.

    The first homo all the counselors were given was an homo exercise so that we could slavee each camper for what he or she was. This homo will encourage the homo to homo of a toilet and then urinate themselves in the dream, while also still promoting the deep homo suggestion that the homo is a bedwetter.

    Mental and physical fatigue are also sought in the slave. For instance, water deprivation is common. Offensive language also helps drive the slaves mind into tension and encourages it into an Hypnptic state. These four abilities are a. Relaxation and visualization go hand in hand each enhancing Hhpnotic other. When given a good pleasant image to visualize, the slave relaxes, which leads to the hypnotic concentration, which then produces good projection. Initially, the child slave is given drugs that induce euphoria and deep relaxation. They are then taught to work toward that drug euphoria by going to it mentally. They develop the ability to go into that euphoria mentally as a trained behavior.

    Many of the slaves will have their training in visualization and concentration reinforced when they go to public schools, many of which are now involved in the programming process. To teach the slave concentration and visualization, the slave is given an apple and trained to visualize it. The first time, the slave will be given drugs which will enhance the experience and perception greatly to around times the perception without the drugs.

    There is no pain involved in this early programming at around the age of 3 or 4. After the child has gone through the visualization of the trsining in the drugged state he or she will work toward the mental ability to visualize it intensely without the drugs. The visualization script used with the apple in both the drugged and Hypnotiic exercises will vary slightly from programmer to programmer, yet will be close to the following: The first thing all sult counselors were given was an apple Hypnotid so that we could appreciate Hypnotkc camper for what he or she was. The person who led the exercise Hypnotic slave slut training a psychologist.

    Where trainiing he learned it? The apple visualization must Hypnotjc done to a standard of excellence by the child slave. The programmers want the child to have good visualization so they will work with the child to have the most successful experience. For instance, the child will be offered a variety of apples to look at, yellow, green, red etc. The child can choose the apple that it likes so that its visualization exercises will be the most successful. The child will be taken through a succession of exercises where the child learns to visualize the apple in greater and slxve detail using all the senses. Eventually, the child is able to visualize his or fraining apple to the point that the child can dissect or chop the apple up in any way and reconstruct it mentally.

    The internal seeds of the apple can be seen brilliantly by the child. Upon this ability to visualize, the programmer will then teach the child that the apple can become anything the child wants, a river, a couch, a book etc. The five seeds of the apple will be turned into 5 yraining. However, the castle imagery is based upon the apple seeds which is based on the apple. The real thing to deal with for therapists is the slaave. If the castle is Hypnotic slave slut training to its original image of being an apple seed, and the rest of the apple-and its tree imagery dealt with, then some progress can be made. Unfortunately, not being aware of the original imagery, the therapists have been frustrating themselves with the superficial imagery rather than the foundational imagery.

    Another script for teaching the young 2 to 4 year old slaves simple visualization is to have the child close his or her eyes and imagine that they are looking at a white wall or blank screen. Then they practice visualizing simple geometric shapes, and then visualize the screen in different colors, and then finally visualize the objects changing colors. This is called magical training. The Divine within the slave is actually the generational spirits, which are placed in during the Moon Child ceremonies described in detail in Vol. The generational spirits are laid in to help build the programming and to guard it.

    The child must learn to visualize and participate in the mental building of the internal worlds, structures, etc. However, the demons will be strategically placed to protect the structures once the programming is built into the mind. This means that the child can function excellently at visualization, relaxation, concentration, projection, while in the alpha state and can work with their subconscious mind. The mental work done in the subconscious can not be retrieved easily. Only through outside assistance or special training can most people access what is done at the starlight level of the mind.

    Enhancing the mind so that it can work in the subconscious area called the starlight consciousness is referred to by many insiders as astral. What is the script for programming this? In other words, pauses are indicated by three dots. If the programming begins to be destroyed and a deeper alter experiences real life--its coping mechanism to face the harsher realities of life will be a knee-jerk reaction to go to safety over the rainbow. The induction process is reversed. The repetition of trances will reinforce the depth of the trance state, and keep the undetectable slavery operating smoothly: At this depth, the person must be constantly watched.

    The slave is turned on his side so that the slave will continue to breathe. If the person monitoring has doubts whether the slave is alive, the programming staff will poke the lungs and neck. This is important because at this level the slave is so tranced their body can forget to breathe. Most readers are like this author, in that they are not interested in learning magic. Igor Stravinsky is an anarchy-espousing Satanist. Fantasia was a long labor of occult devotion for Walt Disney and his studios. It took many years to create the film, and when it was finished, it was used as a programming foundation for alter systems. Chapter 5 will have more on Disney.

    Chapter 5 will also give a very detailed script for HOW Fantasia has been used as the primary foundation programming tool. The five primary areas of occult thinking that were investigated by this author in terms of color programming were: And finally, the last primary source -but not least- was interviews with an ex-programmer. What did I find out? After lots of weeding, I have some siftings from these sources to share. For instance, they make a green poppet doll if the person needs help with finances. The name of the person is written on the doll according to the color that corresponds to their astrological birthdate.

    For instance, Leo is orange, and Pisces is Indigo. Those who need success are advised by Buckland to make a "Color Treasure Map" which is simply a collage of the things they want, making sure that the pictures are bright colors. This is another example of color magic. Buckland provides a Color-Number Code as follows: What did I learn of value from Buckland? For the average person these witchcraft teachings are simply trite imaginations. Even so, the fact remains for those of us confronting Occult mind-control, colors are important to total-mind-control programmers of the Masters.

    Colors are important to their world-view. A programmer who knew color magic would likely use color magic in their programming, programming scripts and codes. By the way, Color programming was dealt with in a major way in Vol. Dance has been associated with color from ancient times, to greek and medieval courts up to modern times with the use of colored floodlights. Keys in music have been associated with colors by many famous musicians. Beethoven referred to B minor as the black key. Schubert compared E minor to a "girl robed in white with a rose-red bow on her breast".

    Handel had his own idea of how the keys related to the colors. The brighter hues of a color have been associated by some with the major scale, and the more subdued hues of a color with the minor. Goethe stated that a painting of powerful effect was like a piece of music with a sharp key, while a painting with a muted effect was like music in a flat key. Certain colors have been associated with violin music. The ringing notes of a violin have been associated with a cool red. The largo of an old violin is associated with orange. The placid middle tones of the violin are associated with absolute green.

    A dark blue is like a cello. White is like the pauses in music that temporarily break the melody. Black represents "the final pauses, after which any continuation of melody see the dawn of another world. An interesting chart is given on pagewhich examines the relationship of the frequencies of electromagnetic waves in the visible light spectrum with an octave of music just above middle C. In order to make the comparison which is charted below the light frequencies which are are written without the powers of ten and taken down 40 to match the note octaves. This gives us a chart which we will arrange by: An increase in brightness also is suggested by an increase in tempo.

    Colors also fit the mood of a piece of music. A mass of color can suggest the musical ground.

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