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    In the UK and Australia, the term is unisex. Like racial or homophobic epithets, it is designed to uphold existing power structures. This means that who is wielding the word, and who it is leveled against, are immensely important. Samantha Bee and Ivanka Trump are both white women. However, it is different. Meanwhile, the American feminist Inga Muscio argues in her book Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, that the word has always referred to the entire package of womanhood. Despite attempts to reclaim the word, however, it remains, for the most part, off limits in America.

    A study published last year found that American books published between and were 28 times more likely to include swearwords than in the 50s. Further, the Trump presidency is normalizing public displays of crassness. Zaynab C who lives in Mjolnerparken, a housing estate categorized by Denmark as a 'ghetto', sits with her friends Amira and Sabrina in a park.: Cunts are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest.: I am all human languages. I was born in the mouths of humans, and was passed along from human to human, from place to place, generation to generation, over a period of time stretching back as far as the dawning awareness that such a funny thing as time might actually exist as a thing.

    A lot of people have blamed me for a lot of things. I can't defend myself in any way other than to ask, if I was born in your mouth, why do you not treat me with the same consideration you are accustomed to afford your other less problematically multiplicitous offspring? I've been round the block, down the street, across the tracks, over the under, up the junction and aIl sorts of places you'd never go, and we both know it. I embarrass you, it's true. You can't deal with me. I make you nervous. Used in medical writing c. In Middle English also conte, counte, and sometimes queinte, queynte for this, see Q. Chaucer used quaint and queynte in "Canterbury Tales" late 14c.

    Is it for ye wolde haue my queynte allone? Botany Bay, chum, coffee-shop, cookie, End of the Sentimental Journey, fancy bit, Fumbler's Hall, funniment, goatmilker, heaven, hell, Itching Jenny, jelly-bag, Low Countries, nature's tufted treasure, penwiper, prick-skinner, seminary, tickle-toby, undeniable, wonderful lamp, and aphrodisaical tennis court, and, in a separate listing, Naggie. Dutch cognate de kont means "a bottom, an arse," but Dutch also has attractive poetic slang ways of expressing this part, such as liefdesgrot, literally "cave of love," and vleesroos "rose of flesh. They cry, like poulterers' wives, 'No money, no coney. Is there a second etymology for its use as a slang term?

    By his demeanor, I can only assume that it's somehow sexual. Quaint appears in Middle English, e. I assume that's what your coworker is referring to though it's a bit off the beaten path. If it's off the beaten path, it's probably the right path.

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    I had shared that several pashkar my students had come up with idea that "boner" comes from the Latin "oner," but that's what you get from high school students. Thank you for the illumination though! The word "quaint" stems from the middle English word fjck meaning both a "small, som thing" and "cunt" One of my fondest memories from university is reading the Canterbury Tales and having my professor drop this bombshell on us. Also perhaps of interest: Well aren't you the quaint one Wonder how it came to be as offensive as it is now? Team Prowler followed 4, U. Helmand had also seen the most attacks on American, British, and Afghan government troops. The Afghans knew the language and the people, and they could provide intelligence.

    The marines also hoped that Afghan participation would convince locals that the Americans were fighting on their behalf, that this was not just another foreign occupation.

    But the security forces were too small and poorly trained to do their part. Despite the billions of dollars spent since the fall ofthe Afghan Army never showed up. Nor could Gpod hide his contempt for most of the coalition members. The rules of engagement had changed since he first arrived, and he worried that his men pyssy more at risk because of limitations on when they could shoot. His lasgkar, General David McKiernan, had issued similar orders, albeit with less media fanfare. Despite the increased caution, 1, Afghan civilians were killed in the first half ofaccording to the UN, up from somme the same period of the previous year.

    Almost half died in American air strikes. He was replaced by McChrystal, who, in late August, recommended increasing U. Lash,ar than a specific code of action, COIN is about priorities. In a population-centric counterinsurgency campaign, the chief priority is protecting the population, not killing the enemy. In a near-fanatical fight for influence, proponents of COIN spent much of the past decade exhorting the U. Petraeus coauthored the latest edition of The U. They point to the Israeli military, bogged down as an occupying army for years and defeated by Hezbollah in conventional warfare in But Afghanistan, they argue, is a different case.

    It was a savvy move, sure to help win political support in Congress, but it had little to do with realities on the ground. In comparison with al Qaeda in Iraq and Shia gangs, the Americans looked good. They could step into the void without escalating the conflict, even as casualties rose temporarily. Moreover, with more than two-thirds of Iraqis in cities, the U. In Afghanistan, there is no comparable exhaustion of the population, more than two-thirds of which lives in hard-to-reach rural areas. The Taliban only attack Afghan civilians who collaborate with the Americans and their puppet government or who are suspected of violating the extremely harsh interpretation of Islamic law that many Afghans accept.

    McChrystal was not blind to these difficulties. He offered no details on what a successful COIN strategy will require, nor has Obama filled in the blanks. McChrystal proposed more than doubling the size of the Afghan Army, even though his more modest goal ofhad not yet been achieved. McChrystal assumed that creating a centralized, functioning state in Afghanistan, which has never had one, is possible. Past efforts to extend the reach of a deeply unpopular central government in Afghanistan only caused instability. The botched vote makes clear that his government will never gain the authority it needs in order to function.

    This claim is widely contested. Al Qaeda is already ensconced in Pakistan, where it is better protected from the United States than it would be in Afghanistan. And the Taliban are not interested in global jihad. Their current alliance with al Qaeda is a result of convenience, not ideology, though the longer the Americans are in Afghanistan, the stronger that alliance will become. Any new al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan could be bombed by the Americans, and Afghans themselves might not be so welcoming. Even Pashtuns, who support the Taliban, are opposed to al Qaeda attacks.

    Shots came from meters away, killing one policeman. Why does [Iraq] remain deadlier than Afghanistan if we did?.

    Most Afghans dislike the Arab extremist volunteers. President Obama asks how our strategy serves U. President Obama asks how our strategy in Afghanistan will serve U. He prescribed for the United States the impossible task of creating a new Afghanistan while engaging in counterinsurgency against the Taliban. COIN inevitably requires military action against a major segment of the Afghan population and, in doing so, undermines the project of state-building. The police discovered the command wire and timidly fanned out to look for the bomber.

    Team Prowler and fellow units had to make the most of the police, many of whom are hopelessly incompetent or corrupt. The Reserve police are not paid until they complete their training and take a drug test, making it hard to sign up recruits and keep them onboard. Out of 80 men, only 53 showed up for the test in July. Some refused to take it, and twenty tested positive. An Air Force major conducting drug tests on police throughout the country told me that in some districts 60 percent tested positive. The south, where Helmand is located, was the worst. Westby lamented that the good ones were too often killed. If Need some good pussy to fuck in lashkar gah Americans ever want to leave, they will have to train an Afghan force large enough to secure the country.

    Although expansion of the forces was being fast-tracked, few locals were volunteering. But even if the Americans can meet their goal, Afghanistan will not be able to pay its own forces when the ISAF departs. Afghanistan is already a heavily militarized society. When the Americans stop subsidizing the Afghan security forces, the men with weapons and training will return to warlordism and militias, preying on the population. The Americans hope for an eventual process of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration, or DDR. But they tried and failed to implement DDR earlier in the war, just as they failed in Iraq.

    Meanwhile, the brutality and lawlessness of some ANP do little to uphold the legitimacy of government. Police bullies alienate the population, driving people toward the Taliban. An effective police force requires an effective justice system, with judges, lawyers, prisons, and administration. But corruption among the police and other government officials is rampant. It was a huge problem for the Soviet occupation of the s, too. Now, as then, Afghan cops cannot be expected to turn down bribes when they know that everyone else in the system is taking them. The high illiteracy rate also makes it difficult to build a system of justice; who will keep records?

    Creating and training security forces is difficult enough in peace time, and the challenges only mount during war. Where others have failed under similar conditions, the Americans think they can succeed in only a few years. The Americans took the lead, but when they arrived, the Afghan police commander, Lieutenant Farid, insisted it was the wrong town. Shots came from meters away, killing one policeman. The Americans returned fire, and the insurgent fire soon subsided. The police had no radios, so they could not call for help. Lieutenant Farid was wounded in his calf. He was only wearing a black T-shirt, refusing body armor because, he said, it was hot and heavy.

    His men were not wearing armor either. Westby felt like he was talking to a kid. Sergeant Dyer expressed the collective disappointment with the performance of the Reserve: After the July 4 operation, a police checkpoint on Highway reported that Taliban were constructing a barrier across the road, diverting traffic through the village in order to shake down drivers and control who passed. Prowler and the Reserve returned to the road and clashed with a dozen or so Taliban, killing at least one. But without bulldozers, they could not take down the barrier. Farid was killed along with two other cops.

    His men picked his pieces up off the road. An Afghan patrolman who had been in the police for a year and a half told me he had lost nearly a hundred comrades. These ANP come out here until they get killed. Despite the loss, the police were expected to go on a mission the next night. They were ordered to relieve four checkpoints manned by a highway police force that was supposed to have been disbanded because of corruption. Meanwhile, more orders came from the British commander at the police headquarters in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, Lieutenant Colonel Jasper de Quincy Adams. The mission was to clear Popalzai, a Taliban-dominated village along This certainty that everybody was Taliban worried me.

    The Brits asked Prowler and the police to take one side while the British and the Afghan Army would take the other. The Americans were skeptical. Farid was on his way to get more supplies. His truck should have been empty. Eleven other Afghan policemen had recently been killed at a checkpoint on The Americans were not happy about going on the mission either. By then, de Quincy Adams had decided to cancel it. With the British media focusing on the number of British casualties, including a lieutenant colonel, and their clinics too full to accept additional wounded, the risks of the Popalzai operation were not worth it. Westby turned to replacing the highway patrol checkpoints.

    The men discussed where they might set up their new checkpoint. The Afghans could not read the map; they did not know that a blue undulating line was a river. Abdulahad, another sergeant, was not enthusiastic about the mission. He suggested a different route through the desert, along the river, which would take an entire day. It was baffling, but Westby responded calmly. His men raised other objections, too: Westby suggested that when the remaining twenty returned the following day, they could bring supplies.

    Eventually, having lashkkar out of objections, the Afghans reluctantly agreed. Westby painstakingly made sure each of them knew his task, and told them they ij to depart Nsed 7 a. The police were not ready. The driving was smooth, goood the police fuc, out every few minutes to search culverts for IEDs. The vehicles rolled down into the desert, driving through a moonscape, passing sheep and their herdsmen and the mud compounds they gha. We stopped at a checkpoint with mud walls. Outside were the charred carcasses of destroyed vehicles, including a police Ranger. The Taliban, on motorcycles and in Toyota Corollas, had attacked it the previous night and early that morning.

    The Taliban own the kashkar, undoing whatever the Americans accomplish during the day. Neither the Americans nor the Afghan security forces conduct night patrols, and Newd insurgents have learned to avoid direct encounters. They could continue placing IEDs despite the increase in troops, which could make transportation close to impossible and easily neutralize police. Prowler left two Rangers and several policemen at the checkpoint. They had only half a can of water and no food. Ahmadullah and many of his men were not wearing their body armor. Others lacked uniforms or boots. We passed another blown-up culvert a few hundred meters away from the checkpoint, and Westby wondered why the police manning the checkpoint had not seen it happen.

    That night, the men drove up and down the road and found a suspected IED. It was too dark to do anything about it. They did a reconnaissance by fire, shooting at where they suspected the triggerman might be hiding, but nothing happened. In the morning, Prowler drove to a compound they suspected insurgents had used. They dismounted with the police, walking past green fields into the compound. A spy hole was bored into a corner by the road, and two tell-tale ant trails emerged from another hole below it. Inside the compound was a corn field, a marijuana field, and harvested poppy plants. The police came across three young brothers who said five armed Taliban had just moved north through a narrow path between two mud walls.

    Dyer worried it was a trap and chose not to pursue. In a nearby mosque the men found mattresses along with corn kernels, bags of nitrogen which could be used for fertilizer and explosivesand a car battery. The police sat in the shade beneath the trees. Some of them filmed the patrol with their camera phones.

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