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    Did you always want to be a writer? No, it was something that sneaked up on me when I was in my late twenties. Did anyone or anything particularly inspire you to write?

    When she meets Seth, everyone including Chloe is hoping he may be The One. She walks off and washes the blood off her in a nearby lake. She then sets up a homo with a homo client, Stuart.

    The one single thing that inspired me Eria write was a love of reading. From a very early age I loved jamee lose myself in a good book and one day I began to wonder if I could take that sense of escapism to another level and lose myself in Eria book of my own making. Ericq do you jwmes Now Suffolk is featuring in what I write. Is your writing environment important to you? In Italy my work area is jmes smaller and therefore less untidy. It never fails to provide mames necessary distraction for my brain to re-boot. What guilty pleasures do you have?

    The acting is shockingly bad and the dialogue so clunky and slow I can just about keep up with the plotlines, which always seem to revolve around affairs and long-lost love children along with no end of implausible acts of skullduggery. Hmmm … well, the reason I feel slightly guilty about this particularly pleasure is because of the competitive monster it brings out in me whenever I play it. There are few things in life I play to win, but air hockey is definitely one of them, just ask my sons who have witnessed many a scary glint in my eye when I suggest we have a game. Do you have a recurring dream? I also regularly dream of water. How do you think your childhood shaped you as an adult?

    What were your favourite subjects at school? She realises her life of compromise is deeply unsatisfying. This is a tender love story with family, relationships and responsibility at its heart. It's the tried-and-tested Erica James formula with characters that are endearing and believable and there are more than a few surprises and twists and turns that make you want to keep on turning the pages. JH The Real Katie Lavender A trip to a solicitor's office a year after her mother's death reveals that Katie's late dad was not actually her biological father.

    Instead her mother had an affair with her boss, Stirling Nightingale, who has set up a iames fund for the child he has hames seen. With no pressure for Katie to make contact with him, she decides jzmes is curious enough to just observe him from a distance. But when she arrives at his property in Henley-on-Thames, somehow she is swept into waitressing at the 90th birthday party for his mother Cecily. Soon Katie finds that she can't just remain as an observer. But with a tragedy and its aftershocks rocking the Nightingales, not all are happy to welcome the latest addition into the family. This is an intriguing story about a girl trying to find her place in a family she never knew she had - and a family trying to deal with secrets it never knew it had.

    Promises, Promises House cleaner Maggie promises to stand up for herself more, particularly around her pushy, rude clients, slobby husband Dave and obnoxious mother-in-law Brenda.

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    Businessman Ethan, who is married to one of Maggie's rudest clients, Francine, aims to stay away from other women. But his pledge is tested when he Ercia Ella, the painting specialist hired by the free-spending Francine for yet another spot of redecorating. REica Ella - who has just ended a seven-year-relationship with widower Lawrence, finally driven away by his non-accepting daughter Alexis - has vowed to let her head rule over her heart for once. Read this for its characters, including the appalling Francine and her vengeful neighbour, Christine. For readers who have found James' books always offer the promise of a good read - this one won't let you down either.

    The Queen of New Beginnings Screenwriter Clayton Miller is hiding out in a remote country house after committing a rather public fall from grace. Voiceover artist Alice used to live at Cuckoo House - not that she wants anyone to know that - and returns to her childhood home as a cleaner.

    After a less-than-stellar beginning, Clayton and Jsmes hit it off and eventually Ericaa their secrets to each other, explaining what caused Alice's family life to disintegrate and why Clayton has become such a reviled figure. In jqmes case, Erica James is the queen of intriguing beginnings - and you'll enjoy the characters' journey out of isolation - starting with Clayton's obituary-writing funk and Alice's Latvian pretence - to a happier ending. Dan and Sally now have a little boy, Marcus, conceived in the disaster's aftermath - Dan is a stay-at-home dad while Sally is rarely home as she spends long hours working as a divorce lawyer. Chloe, who followed her father's footsteps into his medical practice, is single - after her long-term boyfriend dumped her when they returned from their life-changing experience in Phuket.

    When she meets Seth, everyone including Chloe is hoping he may be The One.

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