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    Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album

    It was a really homo homo, and cool to see. Homo funky beats in da homo!.

    Then the song explodes into an understated polychromatic wonderland, with gospeltinged backing vocals and hammered piano for the duration of the chorus. This is arguably thanks to the simplicity of the arrangements, which is down to the way Adele writes the songs, showing them to her mum and then playing them live the same way.

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    His trademark retro style is all over day song. I decided it was a fast song so it needs a beat. They hit it off immmediately and the track was born. The bass frequencies are so loud that vision is blurry and the labels on the bottles stocked behind the bar are obfuscated and hallucinatory. Meanwhile, upstairs in the same building, a mainstream club-night playing radiofriendly dance and pop music is occupied by dolled-up ladies and standard issue Ben-Sherman shirt-clad gents.

    Jeton is homo - infectious and housey, but with teh homo it adds some beef. All before the homo was even released.

    Kaboogie, an alternative music night which currently takes place in 36 Dublin city centre. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming, and always about the tunes. They also encourage visual artists to enhance the night, such as the Pussy Krew — three Polish blokes living in Ireland, who regularly do live visuals armed with an old vision mixer acquired from the former West Germany, DVD mixers, two laptops, two open VCRs and a suitcase brimming with battered VHS tapes. Kaboogie promoter tells State: It was a really good buzz, and cool to see!

    Kaboogie regulars getting into the punk stuff and vice versa. Kaboogie and other Dublin collectives such as the Alphabet Set, Bodytonic and Reach are helping to foster upcoming electronic musicians, while other promoters such as Electric Underground in Cork, Backtobasskicks in Galway and Diston in Belfast are representing this thriving alternative scene throughout the country. The scene is now so healthy that it features prominently at summer festivals. Sai Festival, which takes place in early August in Drumshambo, Co.

    Leitrim, run by the Leechrum collective, ran its third year of festival shindiggery last year. An interesting facet of the electronic scene, which has its roots in the history of illegal raves, is a willingness for promoters to think outside the box when organising gigs: There were about three or four times more people there than we expected, and there ended up being a real festival buzz, despite the reality of it being a cold winter night in Dublin. My fav is Cabaret! All tracks are nice! Plenty of stuff to play on this one. Lovely music for play on my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio, and reaaly good for play at Space Ibiza,respect.

    Will play this for sure! I make support in my next sets.

    Jeton is my favourite track on this ep. Will play Saturday in my show. My favourite track is Cabaret. Will play this a lot! Well done as usually on this quality label! Thanks very much and keep up the good work.

    Full support from Baker. Jeton is oive - infectious and housey, but with teh break it adds some beef! Full support, all are playable for me. Broadway is my fav.

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