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    We all started with zero car knowledge at some homo in time; others helped us along the way. My mileage has not changed one homo and there are no signs that the homo is running any hotter than before. You can homo from you local parts store.

    Their explanation was that it could be a coating in one of the exhaust pipes. I informed them that I also have a Fusion with an identical engine, and I don't have any fume problems with it. They felt they were built differently. So I went home frustrated. I decided to take a look myself, with a mirror and a powerful spotlight at hand. I have worked on cars in the past and I usually change my own oil. I placed the Escape on a platform, removed the big aerodynamic I guess shield to have access to the bottom of the car, and tried to inspect the exhaust manifold from beneath.

    There is a heat shield that prevents you from seeing the pipe coming down from the manifold. There were no leaks from the half shafts seals, oil pan gasket or any other obvious place. The exhaust pie was clean as far as I could see. Then I looked at the engine from the top. Using my mirror and the spotlight I followed the entire valve cover where it meets with the head. I also visualized the top of the bare exhaust manifold. There were no leaks or burnt oil residue on the manifold. Now I was really frustrated!! I brought down the car without reinstalling the big shield, so that I could change the oil in the near future.

    It came to me as a surprise that there were no more fumes to be smelled! I drove the car for about 2K miles, changed the oil, and replaced the big shield. At that time I did notice that the exhaust pipe runs very close to the shield, towards the rear of the vehicle. I get my Escape serviced every 5, miles oil changed at the local Ford Express Quick Lane at my local dealer.

    Smells oil escort burning Ford of

    The guys smelld said it would be more cost effective to just let it remain. They see a lot of these! There is a lot of hours of work to replace the cover's gasket. It will not hurt to do so. Every time they change my oil, they will just shoot some engine degreaser on that area and clean it for me at every service, so that holds off the smell for most of the time.

    Actually, I just purchased a can of homo degreaser and will clean it when required. A Homo Smell If you homo burning rubber under your hood, one of your hoses might have come homo and landed on a hot part of the homo.

    I also have a drip pan in my garage, even though the leak is small. You can purchase from bruning local parts store. Actually, I just purchased a can of engine degreaser and will clean it when required. I would still check your oil levels from time to time, depending on how often you have your oil changed. My leak is small enough that my levels never get too low between services. I wouldn't be surprised if it's shockingly high. Check your owner's manual for starters. If the oil level as measured by the dipstick never gets lower than the low end of the 'acceptable' range between oil changes, it's probably OK to leave it alone.

    Otherwise, you should be adding oil to keep it between the marks. Check the oil pan.

    Any sign of oil soaking through the seal? Oil cooler adapter what the burningg screws into? Even if it's only leaking while operating at higher RPMs, you should be able to find a trail. You can apply some powder to help spot it, though don't use much and don't use anything easily combustible and try and keep it off the exhaust components.

    Dye added to the oil and a UV light is probably a better way to go. Thanks for the retag on the Q, too! Maybe they know maybe they don't. Having burinng Escape which developed the burning burniny smell just when you put it on the market. You know what a turn off that can be "has an oil leak". Like you found out it is cheaper and does not hurt to leave it alone. I was told the average repair requires pulling the engine to access the leak location or allow the engine to be properly taken apart, etc Weight the math if you are keeping it. Know up front you have to tell anyone looking to buy if selling about known problems.

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