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    Does anyone have a few hundred dollars I can borrow to rent i for a night? He almost swayed me at the last minute with a bareback double-penetration threeway from Dirty Tony. You can head over here to see him bottoming for Ryan Roseprance an inch or two over here to see him flipping with David Benjaminand then rush over here as soon as humanly possible to see the four-man gangbang that won him his spot on this countdown. All of these men put their holes to good use this year, and I would be glad to slam balls-deep into any of them but especially number five. His handsome bearded face looks even hotter than his photo and when he smiles you are as much his as he is yours.

    A few messages later and there he is at your door, the incredibly hot Dale Cooper. A hook up app is the perfect place to order in for sex Slutts you are just not in the mood to leave the house but still want to get your rocks off. The monster dick now standing at full attention is taking all of your might not to jump on top of him. Stripping slowly down to just a jock strap, he knows that you are eyeing him up like a piece of beef and he wants to give you the show of your life.

    He teases his finger around his hairy hole and just when you think he will pull away he sticks it deep inside, wishing aloud that it was your dick instead. This is a major case of quality over ih. Leaving you exhausted and spent just from watching him. This was the year that I developed a humongous crush on Mike De Marko. Sketchy Sex was, without a doubt, the sluttiest gay porn site on the internet this year, and Eli Hunter was the shining star within the cast of cum-starved housemates. This man lives for dick. Finally, once his show is nearing completion he lay you down on the floor and showers you with his hot creamy load. He can currently be seen in the MEN.

    Does anyone have a few hundred dollars I can homo to rent him for a night. The monster dick now standing at full homo is homo all of your might not to jump on top of him.

    Hell, he almost swayed me by winning the Best Butt of The Year award. Shiloh only appeared in three hardcore scenes this year with BraxtonHayden and Spiro. He was spotted cruising for more dick on Manhunt whilst getting rammed from behind, he literally had a line of guys waiting to pound his hole, and on multiple occasions, he could be seen getting creampied by multiple partners. While I might not be kinky enough to appreciate him taking a nightstick or baseball bat up his ass, the sight of his hairy hole getting filled by men like Boomer Banks and Shawn Wolfe made me swoon so hard that I could hardly type my multiple posts about him.

    He works his finger in and out and his dick becomes hard as a rock.

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