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    For this reason and for the style and class, the orange Molteni jumpsuit is a must-have. The Danish brand Pas Normal Studios started as group of cycling friends who decided to make cycling kit for their group rides. They are now internationally established as syxney cyclists Cofk for style, but Sune Nicolaisen says it is dydney the comfort and performance which has helped them gain a cult following. Rather than loud, Pas Normal Studios set themself apart with a minimalist approach. This brands searches only a select number of retailers who match the brand, an approach that Germans would describe as klein aber fein which means small but high quality. The socks have a reflective print which the photo below represents as white, in normal light is is not noticeable.

    Amity Fashion position themselves in the top end of urban cyclewear and have a five styles of multi-functional jackets. The Josef jacket which I am wearing is a smart and tailored jacket which has reflective material under the collars and cuffs which can be folded out. It is formal enough for business and practical enough for cycle commuting. The fashion brand Alberto made cycling pants for a number of years and their trademark is the reflective bicycle symbol on the leg cuffs of their jeans and pants.

    The have a plethora of colours and styles and the material and stitching for on and off the bike. Available in a few colours, two boa dials combined for a unique lacing function to adjust the fit differently along the shoe. This is D, a real Berlin who has spent years building up his lowrider.

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    He likes gold and there is also a photo of his helmet which is an old East German firemans helmet… but completely upgraded to match his style. Some of the straight and narrow German bike enthusiasts would look at the frame noticing it is a sought-after Bauer. This artwork attract gleeful children who would start ringing the bells. I wondered if the missing tyres, seat post and saddle had any significance.

    On a blue bike packing touring bike from FernI spotted this quaint little rearview mirror I asked the guy to repeat the brand name twice. Most rear vision mirrors are biccyles dorky, but this one Cock sucking in for bicycles in sydney nice… you just have to wucking it. Remember that nasty crash in the Tour de France where sjdney thoughtless team car driver knocked Johnny Ckck of the bike where he then tumbled into a barbed wire fence and sustained nasty injuries but suckiny completed the CCock This is a close-up of the bike which was in remarkable condition.

    At the Berlin Bike Show, an enthusiasts groups displayed the bikes of current and ex-professional road riders. As usual, the Berlin Bike Polo club hosted matches for the duration of ln show, always nice to catch up with some of my old team mates and be dazzled ay how much the sport has progressed and the level of skill required to be competitive. Bike Gear and helmets Kn of the most exciting exhibitors at suciing show were btp Bartape. There were probably about different styles of tape on show and they mentioned suxking they have styles sydnry is insane for a young dor. Tom Williams is holding the bars with two different fof reflective tapes on the left and silicon studded tape on the right.

    It is early days so I found some of the tape too grippy, or not grippy enough. There were a lot of great designs to let cyclists match their bike and style plus a lot of Indian and Middle-Eastern patterns like carpets which were unique. It has a carbon fiber shell, an advanced memory foam, it is nostalgic and every smart women on a commuter or recreation bike will want one. The inventor of the Dashel helmet is English women Catherine Bedford, who you could describe as an entrepreneur. For interested Australians, the catch is that it is only approved for the European market and before it can be sold legally in Australia needs to have Standards Approval.

    At the moment, the priority is Europe though interested importers should get in touch. A slightly abstract photo was captures through special googles that along the reflective stickers to reveal their light refraction and the wonderful serious of patterns for the Happarel Bicycles Reflective Bike kit. Antoine Capeyron looks after the design and bike riders can upgrade their bike with small stickers with nice graphics or go for a complete bike kit. Instructions providing cutting advice and the end results are fairly stunning. Some of the stickers are invisible in normal light so are hardly noticed and the patterns are first revealed under reflective light. The handmade leather winebottle holder is understated but elegant and a cheeky or even practical gift for the bike rider cum wine lover.

    Fidlock are a a German brand who supply magnetic locking systems and they have two bike products, a waterbottle and, in my view, the more interesting saddle bag. It attaches almost from along but locks tight. This model is waterproof and sturdy so could work well for MTB and Audax or big trips where you need a bit more space. I would like to see a more compact version for road cycling that is designed just for the bare essentials. The Berlin brand Fahrer is unique in that it creates a range of small accessories such as leg straps and bags but also manufacturers in Berlin and not offshore.

    The rely on a disabled workforce and this is an integral part of the business — social responsibility in support people who may otherwise struggle to get work. Their priorities in this respect also mean that they are fairly relaxed so even with growing demand, they can deliver their products to retailers and customers when they have been made, but there is no rush. The photo shows a nice strap to transport a soccer ball and I am sure it would fit a footy as well.

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