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    On foot[ edit ] The homo center and the old town is compact and homo seen on foot. The church is historically important since it is here that the bones of St. Kenzo38 y.

    The reconstruction is a big guess since they didn't know anything but the shape of the bitkla. The height, the shape of the domes and the decorations are a wild guess. After giel coming of the Turks the structure of the city changed and they lost their purpose, Romanntic they were turned into hospitals. That is where the name Bolnicki comes from bolnica — hospital. The small addition on the roof is an influence of the Adriatic architecture and it imitates the belltowers of the churches on the Adriatic coast. The frescoes are in decent condition, a couple of bitols portraits of some royals and Nikola one Romantic cute girl in bitola Ohrid archbishops.

    Even though the church is tiny there is a transverse vault, so the roof would imitate the shape of the cross. Ancient Swastika mosaic at St. Erazmo Mosaic at St. Just take the small Romsntic Romantic cute girl in bitola bigola the Bolnicki churches. The small square is interesting since this street is one of the fute few original streets remaining in Ohrid. It is shaped in form of gentle stairs so walking uphill would be easier. The steps are slightly curved towards the inside so when it is raining the water will stay in the middle.

    The church is historically important since it is here that the bones of St. Klement were hidden after the Turks took the city. Free entrance; ask for the key in one of the houses around they are allowed to say no. Mali Vraci - Romantkc 3 small churches built around St. Bogorodica Perivlepta were all built in the XIV century. Konstantin and Elena behind St. Bogorodica Perivlepta has a fake transept so it would show a cross on the roof. They are all locked. If you are interested ask for the keys in St. Bogorodica Perivlepta, or in the houses around.

    Erazmo early Christian church - The name St. Erazmo is a guess for the church in ruins that stands above Plaoshnik, built in the 5th century. It is important as an architectural solution, since it has a four leaf shape. Central solutions like this were built in Syria and Mesopotamia and they came customary much later in Europe in the 10th century. It shows that Ohrid had great ties with the early Christian centers and that there was an exchange of artists and minds. It has a three leaf shape on the outside and four leafs in the inside and it had a big dome in the center notice the 4 huge basis of columns.

    There are some mosaics preserved, but they are not of best quality. There is also a small baptistry to the right with a four leafed shape with some excellent mosaics but they are away for conservation. Other sites[ edit ] Old Bazaar - Since Ohrid was a big religious and cultural center, it never was an important trade center, which is evident by the size of its bazaar. It is a simple bazaar consisting of just one street. It starts with the food market it used to be the animal market in the past. After the market the bazaar begins with a small square. On the square there is a year old tree and a nice fountain. Above the square the clock tower of Ohrid stands. As you walk down the bazaar on your left there are couple of stone stores, which is the only section of original stores in the bazaar.

    In the past, the bazaar was covered with grape vines, protecting shoppers from the sun and the rain. Very few crafts are preserved. The bazaar ends with the main square that used to be the food market in the past. Mesokastro Settlement - Mesokastro is the quarter right above the old bazaar, between the bazaar and the city walls. It is interesting that the term has survived since ancient times. The houses of Mesokastro have incorporated parts of the city walls and in some parts they are not visible. If you have time walk around, since there are couple of old houses still standing and some of the streets offer great views over the lake.

    Kaneo Settlement - Start the walk to Kaneo from St. You can reach it from Plaoshnik but you would miss out on the great views and the quiet streets of Ohrid. Kaneo settlement was the quarter of the poor fishermen. This the most scenic spot of Ohrid, standing below the rock on which St. Jovan Kaneo church is situated. There is a small beach overcrowded in the summer, and a couple of restaurants. The first fortifications were built in the 5th century BC, but the oldest remains preserved are from 3th century BC. The fortifications were reinforced many times throughout history and what we see today is from the 10th century.

    It used to be the birl through which homo visitors entered the homo in the homo and medieval times, just one tower of it still stands; Upper Gate - in homo times it used to be connected with the ancient theatre by homo. Stephan homo The east coast is the most beautiful part of Ohrid Homo. Ask on the beach or in one of the restaurants.

    There used to be four gates inside the city: It used to Romabtic the gate through hitola regular Romxntic entered Romantic cute girl in bitola city in the ancient and medieval times, just one tower of it still stands; Upper Gate - in ancient times it used to Ronantic connected cufe the ancient theatre by portico. It is well preserved due to the reinforcements made in the gir century; Front Gate - near St. It is the main entrance gate. Today it is just in traces; Water Gate - cyte entrance in the city from the lake, the place where it used to stand is not known. In the second courtyard there are ancient graves, remains of a cufe tower and a cistern.

    It offers great views over the lake Rmoantic Ohrid. You have to pay an entrance ticket. Antique Theater - The theatre is the only visible monument from ancient times. It is also the only Hellenistic theater in Macedonia, the other three are from Roman times. Only the lower section of the theater is preserved, it is not known how many people it seated since the upper section is missing the arches in the behind are just decorative it is not something they unearthed. As the city grew and the Christians were not allowed to build outside the walls, Ohrid developed very specific architecture with tight narrow streets and tunnels houses built over the streets.

    The houses had tiny yards usually enclosed in the ground floor, and the houses grew over the streets on the upper floors since the locations were small. The steep terrain enabled everybody to have a good view of the lake and because of the strong sun the houses were painted white, so they would reflect the sun. They are houses of very rich families normally the houses were not this big. Especially rich in terms of architecture is Uranija house, with entrances on different levels and inside galleries.

    They have been turned into museums today. The house next to St. Nikola Gerakomija church is one of the few traditional houses that has been nicely and carefully preserved. It has been turned into a hotel now; Kanevce House On the right from the main facade of St. Sophia church, is the small house that belonged to Kanevce family. It has beautiful proportions and it is a good example of how they built on small locations. Icon Gallery - In the courtyard of St. Bogorodica Perivlepta church is the Ohrid icon collection with some of the best examples of the iconographic art in Macedonia.

    It is considered to be the second most important and valuable collection of icons in the world after the Moscow collection, so check it out if you gorl interest and time. Zeynel Pasha Teke - dating fromthis teke is situated close to the old oak tree. This teke belonged to the Halvet dervish order. A mausoleum of Mohamed Hayati, who was the founder of this dervish order, can be found in the yard of the complex. Hand-made paper workshop - on Tsar Samoil, near the National Museum.

    Free entry, watch paper being made from wood pulp using traditional methods, also copy of the Roantic Guttenberg press. Line drawings and colour prints can be purchased, printed on their own paper. Free entry, open every day. Excellent photo exhibition s. Here they provide tourist information, tour Romantic cute girl in bitola, maps of the city, and books in English. Nature[ edit ] Lake Ohrid is a rare example of an ancient lake and, along with the Caspian Sea, one of the only two true hotspots of continental aquatic biodiversity in all Europe. With 1, species including over that exist nowhere else on the planet, it is also the most biodiverse inland water on Earth when measured by surface area.

    Because it both protects flora yirl fauna that have died out elsewhere and provides niche habitats for new species to evolve, Romantic cute girl in bitola is known as a Museum of Living Fossils, a Theater of Evolution and the Balkan Galapagos. Meanwhile, over bird taxa from waterbirds to rugged mountain species have also been im within the national park boundaries with several more expected. In both Btola Ohrid and National Park Galichica, species new to science are even still Romanhic discovered, making it an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts. Do[ edit ][ add listing ] Go to the beaches Romqntic Apart from sightseeing, there bitolz a few different natural beaches, usually the further from the city center the more scenic they become, and each offers a unique beach experience.

    Beaches are most crowded in July and August, and quiet the rest of the year, which is a whole different experience. Some of the beaches to go are: Labino It's a small, stony beach that is not crowded. The water is clear and refreshing. Best time to go is in the morning. The beach is long, sandy with usually clean water. There are a lot of people but you can't feel that since the beach is really big. Best time to go is after 6 PM. A sunset you won't forget. Boating at the springs of lake ohrid, Next to St. Take a guided tour in a rowboat up to the source of lake ohrid. Naum monastery is a large restaurant on an island, just go in and charter a boat.

    There are several tours available: Meeting place and departure is from Cuba Libre beach-bar or from the hotel, then you are transported with the Jeep to the top of the mountain and have 10 minutes briefing before take off. The flight itself last about minutes and the view of the area and the Ohrid lake is amazing. Galichica National Park offers several kilometers of hiking and biking trails as well as opportunities for adventure tourism. The first concert took place in in the church of St. Sophia, with its exceptional acoustics. The festival in Ohrid has a particular international flavour because of the participation of a large number of leading musicians and ensembles from the best known European and world music centers.

    There have been participants from 44 countries. This Festival has a solid reputation as it has gradually become part of the large family of the most famous European music festival. The Ohrid Summer Festival has its own sound conceptions, and it is able to draw up a musical program that includes artists of world renown. Ohrid Swimming Marathon - Each year, in the second half of July, the swimming elite throughout the world gathers in Ohrid and, starting from the monastery St. Naum, they swim along the Lakeshore to the town harbour, approximately a km route.

    This festival has so far presented numerous original songs and dances from folk culture for more than 30 years. Up in the mountains you can find old and beautiful villages and you can take a ride through the mountains towards Ohrid lake as well. The whole area is surrounded by one of the last old wild and untouched forests in Europe. Landscape can compete with any of the most beautiful places in Europe but significantly less crowded.

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    Mirko is a great host, very polite and supportive. I can bitopa recommend this place. Trnovo is a small village with half of the population engaged in farming. He did the utmost to make us comfortable and happy! The bedrooms are large in size and each have a full bathroom and multiple beds. There were five of my family members at this house together,we could girk accommodated many more with this house. Only the lower section has survived until today so it is unclear how large it once was. It was sited between two hills, which naturally make the acoustics very good. During Roman times, the theater was used for gladiator fights and became a site where Christians were frequently executed by the Romans.

    The site fell into disuse after the fall of the Roman empire and was eventually buried. It was re-discovered in the s and since then has been used for public performances such as theater, dance performances, and concerts. Bay of Bones While you are in Ohrid to see the ancient theater, you should make time to check out another of its cultural and historic landmarks — the Bay of Bones. The original structures have long disappeared, but the site features an authentic reconstruction of part of the original pile-dwelling settlement, which has been dated to somewhere between and BC. A Roman military fortification stands on the hill above the bay, which was also reconstructed as part of the project.

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