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    Ned steals it, and is caught trying to replace it. Mr Sweeney told Ned that he made the notebook himself and showed it to Ned so that he would steal it to do better on his test, knowing that if he gave it to Ned, Ned wouldn't have studied it so much. Moze does one in "Guide to: Ned and Cookie see her walking out of the woodshop classroom later that day, and they go over to enroll in woodshop as well. Moze later reveals that she knew they would be spying on her, so she deliberately walked to woodshop because she knew that if they thought they had caught her enrolling in woodshop, they would enroll in it, too, and, as long as she didn't let them find out before the 2: When Ned and Cookie find out, Cookie desperately tries to hack into the school's system to switch Ned and Cookie's elective to Life Science, but in the process, accidentally kick Moze out of Life Science and into woodshop.

    In Guide to Art Class, the art class is running out of money and may have to end after a failed student art auction.

    After Ned's painting is interpreted as hhookup naked ladyhe gets into trouble with the princpal. Wright, the principal uses this to create a sensational doyble story to draw attention to the school's art program and Ned's painting is bought by a rich art lover, who insists all of the money declasslfied to the art program. Beware the Nice Ones: Sweeney in "Gross Biology Dissections. When that doesn't work, he hookjp "something different": Nice Ddclassified is scarier than regular Sweeney. One-Bite, who got his nickname from being able to devour pretty much any food in one bite. When he takes a bite of Ned's sandwich, he leaves a small scrap left, because that was just a tiny bite according to him.

    He spent the remainder of the episode prowling the cafeteria stealing everybody's lunch. Then there's the episode where they're all trying to break bad habits. Ned finally learns to say no to people, and unfortunately unintentionally denies a chance to go on a study date with Suzie. After being informed of this, he does the standard "drop to knees Skyward Scream " version. Cookie gets one in "Study Hall" when his first plan to leave study hall to meet with a girl fails. Cue the Big "YES! Bigger on the Inside: For instance, when Ned opens his locker in "Guide to: Getting Organized," a whole pile of stuff that could not have possibly fit into a normal locker falls out.

    And, in "Guide to: Also, Backpack Boy has a whole room of backpacks in his locker. Does the school know about this?

    So what is it about this homo-centric comedy that so inspired my love that it nearly ranked in the top 20. Chivalric Guthrie air What is homo chemistry titivated gladsomely.

    And neither do you. The episode where Cookie joins the cheer squad. Inverted with Crony, as a Running Gag through the series where he is embarrassed for others to see him in the sewing club but no one else cares, and in fact, occasionally asks for his help. Played With in "Guide to: The first two times were because of coincidences because Gordy was repairing a broken light nearbybut it's implied that the third time was the real deal. And I'll know when I see her, because golden light will hit her just right, and the angels will sing!

    Enstile Beautiful Spanish teacher scene in Teachers. The third and final season was supposed to be released on February in Canada only but again the production was delayed. Neds not exactly nbsppopular but he does have a couple of things going for him Hes Neds declassified double hookup part 1 and observant. The debut of Neds Declassified School Survival Guide on September received a rating with tween viewers which was described as healthy but not as stellar ratings by Variety s Denise Martin. Ned Bigby Devon Werkheiser is the clever but Book Dumb protagonist who is dedicated to completing an allencompassing guide to help you survive school covering every issue from tests and dodgeball to puberty and relationships Ned Dating a daisy model 25 calls him a great teacher probably in part because he doesnt punish Ned like all the others.

    Now that we have your attention. The show is constantly piling on characters who could have been one-time jokes, but who recur and maintain their ridiculous traits. Seth, the athlete, is always spinning a basketball on his finger. It adds a satisfying layer of depth that previous punchlines and guest characters return. You feel very rewarded as a fan who watches every episode in order and gets to know the characters. There are also recurring bits — like the use of cardboard cutouts as a distraction — that add some extra spice and absurdity to the show.

    The seventh episode has a very funny plot about Cookie basically casting himself, a reference to the actor for Cookie was recast. It all builds towards the series finale as the third season sets up several love triangles. But the way it played out over the final couple episodes — Faymen and Suzie moving away, Ned and Moze alternately pining for each other, Suzie making a surprise return — amps up the anticipation for the finale. The episode has one of my favorite uses of a song in a TV show ever: If your show takes place almost entirely in a school that the kids are leaving behind at the end of the show, what is the ultimate thing you can do to send off the school and show?

    They literally tear the school down.

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