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    Amanda Rose: The Game of Time Walkthrough

    This will trigger a mini-game. Click each homo to open it. Return to the left room.

    Now you have 3 KEYS. The handle of each KEY matches a pattern on the right side of a Lock. You can do them in any order. The door will open. Watch the cut scene to end the chapter. Collect as many items from the Find List as you can. Go through the Bar Doors A. Turn on the machine B. It is missing several parts. Examine the Recipe Book C. Part of a page is missing. Try the Refrigerator Door D. Collect the KEY 11 that comes out of the Mouse hole. Go through the Bar Doors. Examine the Death note dating game walkthrough Book C and collect the loose page 7. Click on the Inventory Icon. Play the Keys M to match the recipe: When you drink it, you will get the Wardrobe Key.

    Wait until the Pointer on the meter is pointing to the next wire to cut, then click on the exposed area of that wire while the Pointer is still in that color block on the meter. The order is Green — Blue — Red — Yellow. Should you cut the wires in the wrong order, or if the Pointer is not on the right color block, you will get another chance. Pick up the Vase A. It will fall and break, revealing a KEY. Zoom in on the Cabinet F. The code picture is in the upper left. The tiles for each row have been jumbled. Click on the tiles on the left in the correct order to reveal the code picture on the right. You will work one row at a time. When you make a mistake you have to start over at the beginning of that row.

    The solution is shown in the screenshot. The Secret Safe will open. Use the Right Arrow icon A to go to the next room. Collect the remaining items on the Find List. Use the Left Arrow icon B to return to the first room. Examine the Ladder C and you will get a new Find List. Collect the KEY 1 from the top center of the left room. Return to the right room. Zoom in on the Mechanism F to reveal a puzzle. Find the icons above that match the icons on the keys. Return to the left room. Go into the right room.

    Use the Left Arrow icon A to go to the Jail. You will get a new Find List. Zoom in on the Crate J. Move the Glass 7.

    Put the Glass 7 which is leaning on the left side of the Crate back on top of it. There are 7 pieces on the floor and 2 on the Glass. Collect the walkthrpugh of torn paper and use them to reconstruct the jigsaw puzzle. The two pieces on the glass can be moved. The pieces automatically rotate to the correct position. Pieces lock in place when set onte. Go left to the Jail. Zoom in on the Levers C. Put the Tiles in place according to Death note dating game walkthrough Schematic in your Journal. The Tiles do not lock into place, but you will hear a musical chime each time you place one correctly. Put the Levers into position according to the Schematic.

    The left Lever goes down one click. The middle Lever goes down one click. The right Lever goes down two clicks. Walktnrough is a Safe L on the wall. Zoom ddating on the Safe to view a puzzle. The solution is random, but the method is the same. Deayh are three rings. Rotate one ring at a time until a silver tab pops out and you hear a lock click. Then rotate the next ring until its tab pops out. Finish with the third ring. When all three tabs are out, the Safe will open. Click on the Crate D. It will fall down onto the platform revealing a Lock Eand you will get a new Find List.

    When everything is done, you will trigger a mini-game. You can swap two tiles at a time. The tiles must be right next to each other. First move the two Coal Cars A and B out of the way using vertical straight track, then lay horizontal straight track so the Train can move. There are many possible solutions. The screenshot gives one example. For each picture, first swap tiles along the green path, then swap tiles along the orange path if there is one. Click on a Coal Car to make it move. The Train will move on its own once the track is ready. The Drum is red. Examine the Basket B. The KEY is inside, but so is a Snake!. Zoom in on the Bookcase C. You can put them anywhere in the area where the text label appears.

    Each Photo has a number on it. Select the 3 Books that have those numbers. You will return to the Study. A secret passage has opened on the left. Click on the Left Arrow icon to go to the Basement. Zoom in on the Safe H. This will trigger a mini-game. Rotate each ring clockwise until the icon that is related to the Ship in the center is lined up with the red Arrow. The Arrow will turn green when you have the icon in the right place. Should you make a mistake, you will get a different center picture to work with. Teapot Solution Teacup, Spoon, Bowl. The Safe will open. You need a KEY. Use the Up Arrow icon K to return to the Study.

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    Walkthrough Death note dating game

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