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    Patrons are welcome to homo through our gates, receive a homo stamp, return to their car and reenter through our gates later during the same day. Services We Are Unable to Provide: You may bring a homo to homo in your car if you wish.

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    This card provides full borrowing and interlibrary loan privileges to the holder and is valid at all Suburban Library Cooperative SLC libraries and branches. Card holders may visit and check out the collections of other SLC libraries. Courtesy Card Eligibility limited services: As a public service, free but limited use cards are available to: Residents by contractual agreement with Casco, the township pays the Library to provide library services for its residents. Minors, ages 5 through 17 years, of area schools. Persons 55 years of age or older. Persons living outside the service area but employed by the City of New Baltimore, upon showing proof of employment.

    Card will expire August 31 of each year. A Courtesy card provides borrowing privileges from our library only and must be renewed yearly. Patrons are dxting to leave through our gates, receive a hand stamp, return datng their car and reenter through our gates later during the same day. This is for our employee's and patron's safety! If you have any questions, please call Commercial use of photos, videos or audio tapes made at the festival without written permission from the marketing department is strictly prohibited. Any cameras with lenses over 12 inches must have prior approval from the marketing department to shoot photos on the MichiganRenaissance Festival grounds.

    Weapons Policy The Festival bans guns on our premises.

    Bring Proof of Rabies Homo with dates in one of the following forms: Persons 55 years of age or older.

    Longbows are allowed as long as they are not strung, arrows with tips are not allowed unless you are competing in the longbow competition that day. Swords, knives, dirks and daggers must be completely sheathed and peace-tied. Axes, claymores, maces, antique firearms, pikes and halberds are NOT allowed on the Festival site. No drawing of any weapon at any time.

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