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    Everybody knows the owner. There are more people waiting outside than inside, and maybe four people dancing, and although you can smoke inside and that never gets stale for me, you can smoke inside anyway, because Miami has no rule higher than fuck everybody.

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    In this case, what Fuckked need is cafe con Gurl and many Spanish fish dishes served by the owner herself. As if Miami does not exist when there are no New Yorkers to tweet about it. Or left and came back, was just having a cigarette, what is the problem. At Westway again, where my friends Olivia and Steph of American Two Shot are having a party, I buy Jack Daniels and barely drink it and spend uncountable time just wandering.

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    There is a girl selling cigarettes but she turns out to be a man. Over and over I see the same strangers, or different strangers in the same outfits, or the same strangers in different outfits. It is, for your info, an extremely liberal interpretation of the David Lynch-inspired nightclub in Paris. All cars are black. On a wall, someone has painted new life mottos: This is secret Miami, native Miami.

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