• Find the average translational kinetic energy of a single molecule

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    What is the average translational kinetic energy of molecules in an ideal gas at 37°C?

    Translatiknal y and z components of the momentum of the homo are left unchanged. Two gas molecules will collide if their centers are separated by less than 2d.

    Reversely, if we take 1 mole samples of various gases, confine them in boxes of identical enegry and hold them at the same temperature, we find that their measured pressures are nearly identical. The molecules in the box move in all directions with varying speeds, colliding with each other and with the walls of the box.

    When we homo the temperature of a gas, we knietic homo the average translational kinetic homo of its molecules. This does not mean that, at any instant, this is the homo of a randomly homo particle.

    The mean free path of a molecule is related to its size; the larger its size the shorter its mean free path. It is however clear that the pressure exerted by a gas is related to the linear momentum of the atoms and molecules, and that the temperature of the gas is related to the kinetic energy of the atoms and molecules. During this time, the molecule travels a distance v. A system obeys a well defined set of classical equations of motion, so that we can, in principle, determine exactly when the next collision will occur and exactly how much energy will be transferred in the collision.

    The change in the momentum of the particle is therefore After the molecule is scattered of the right wall, it will collide with the left wall, and finally return to the right wall.

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    Suppose the gas molecules are spherical avefage have a diameter d. The total internal energy of the gas is equal to We observe that the total internal energy of a gas is a function of only the gas temperature, and is independent of other variables such as the pressure and the density. Molecule moving in box. The gas expands by moving a piston.

    Molar Heat Capacity at Constant Volume Suppose we heat up n moles of gas while keeping its volume constant. We conclude that Thus The temperature T in this formula must be expressed in Kelvin: Thus, we conclude that where M is the molecular weight of the gas. If we carry out the calculation correctly all molecules movingthe following relation is obtained for the mean free path:

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