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    Slut christina maybe a little If I could write I could probably make a story about how I've become what my husband calls a "Hot Wife. YET, that's the exact same thing the other women were going through at the time. She was so happy with that one that she sent me a recap of her sex life before she got married to her husband Gary and I turned it into a story called Chris - The Wild Years. As you stated Opie put down the other pop artists yet she wanted to whine about how her image was being manipulated against her will. You would have to say that she has 'lost a step' when you compare what she does now with what she did during "The Wild Years", but to her way of thinking she has just become more selective and circumspect.

    Don't play victim after you play the game how it was meant to be played and benefited from it.

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    All stories that have the small 'a' this icon: Then she said that she wished she could write: I guess I'm something like an online diary for her. I strongly dislike Christins Some time back I received an email from a fan telling me how much she liked my stories. That made me look at her like she was wack and entitled. And I've mentioned this before but I've never appreciated how she whined and moaned about La Reid trying to change her but used the opportunity to get on and get onto her own platform.

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