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    Scorpio Man and Leo Woman: Are They Really Compatible?

    He does things other men would never do for lso homo. They can't understand how a Leo homo can be so homo and happy with herself.

    He sometimes retreats into his own world and finds it hard to get out of that place. Leo loves how Scorpio has a mushy sensitive side and how he remembers the little things like how she loves the scent of lavender or how she got food poisoning at the weird Chinese food place on New Years of They might fight Scorpio male hookup a leo female priorities there. Ultimately these two are a dynamic powerful duo. Only, unlike at the beginning of the romance, now Leo holds all the cards rather than Scorpio. Your Scorpio has never really had to manage an intriguing connection like this, before you came along to open it up.

    Understanding that much should make Leo want to spend less time focusing on when it is justified to give to her Scorpio partner, and simply focus on remaining open as a show of goodwill and faith in their time spent together. That is the kind of support Leo begins to appreciate is important to provide, if for his own sense of security as much as anything. Secondly, both, the Leo woman and the Scorpio man wish to love and be loved back with the same intensity in return. This wish is definitely fulfilled if they are together. Therefore, a Scorpio man in love with a Leo woman may find an equal partner. But wait, although they are equal partners, they do not wish to remain equal.

    Both, the Scorpio man and the Leo woman wish to gain supremacy over the other and hence, starts the struggle for Scorpio male hookup a leo female. Both are equally dominating and headstrong. The Leo woman does not succumb to the charms of the Scorpio man easily. The Scorpio despises the showy nature of the Leo. The Leo woman is very extravagant and wishes for a regal lifestyle. They might feel it and you would never know! I'm a Leo currently dating a Scorpio man, and apparently being the typical Leo woman, I'm used to being incharge like it or not, because sometime's i'd like the guy to man up and take charge My Scorpio guy makes me loose all self control and feel like I'm willing to give up anything to try and satisfy his seemly unsatisfible self, jump when he wants, and has me questioning my standards, what I am and am not willing to take from him!

    I totally agree, I do feel "that way" about him but I cant show him that, I am usually a very expressive person, and although I feel like I could shout it from the roof tops how much I LOVE HIM, I will not say it outright because he will not tell me how he feels about me, yes he does everything he should, and the sex is amaaaaazing but vocally, he chooses to keep his feelings to himself! I know he loves me, even if he doesn't say, i'm cool with that! I've realised if I leave it and don't instigate calling or texting him, he will contact me the most he's gone without is 2days try it!

    He WILL call you, trust me!!! He just like's his space and will respect you for giving it to him! Yep, very secretive, but if you open up to him and let him feel comfortable with you and not pressured he will open up to you, might take some time but he will once the trust is there! In closing, Scorpio men are sooo sexy to us because they are hard to crack lol give it time, the best things are hard to get ey!? I have been dating this scopio fpr about 2years now but always feel he does not love me because of the way he treats me. He has been silent for about a month and will not even ask after the children. Tome he is not serious and I am in the process of removing him frommy thoughts.

    Im a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man for a year and couple months now. And boy its definatley something ill never forget. But it came to a point that I wanted him to be the boss. Scorpios are very dominating and so are Leos but since we were so stubborn someone had to let someone be the boss so I let. Sometimes leos don't mind being told what to do. And thats what he did. He controlled everything and I did everything he wanted. But he was so sweet about it and I loved doing everything for him. Until it came to a point I just couldnt catch up and he started driving me nuts. He became very selfish and hed walk away many times leaving me in tears.

    My insecurities made me weak which he fed on and became more stronger. He started putting me down alwa ys but he was right. But thats what he thought. He abandoned me a lot and came when he wanted, lets just say if you get on their bad side its evil and they will break you completely. He started controlling our sex life to. I couldnt even get it. And since he was so mean to me I became the biggest bitch known to men. And since he supported us more than I could at a point he liked to remind me. I got a job and I completely became independant agian. I let alittle bit but still it was my way finally agian. I gained my own respect again. I learned we both completely misunderstood each other although he couldve been nicer.

    I ask baby what's wrong why are you crying. I love him so much and im glad we are geting better. I learned that leos should not let a Scorpio man control them. I'm a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man, and the article is almost accurate. We argue every other day, but I find it amusing and funny. I usually start an argument with him when it seems like I don't have his attention but, we love each other so much.

    I can't really imagine my life without him, and the sex is mind blowing. He loves to take control in bed, and when he's mad with me, OMG!! He takes me to jupiter Scorpio male after a Lioness. We've known each other through mutual friends for years, just recently hooked up; nothing serious yet, just a lot of hanging out, doing some minor activities together and the here-and-there peck on the lips. Her little brothers and mother all love me apparently, and I'm starting to think we could go a little further in our relationship. She's younger than me by a couple years, but we're both young anyways. I have a problem; I'm about to be deployed.

    With the soon-coming year overseas, and running out of time to build our relationship -- am I wasting my time? Should I get what I can from the relationship and dump her before going? Its a petty stressful situation. I am a Leo woman living with a Scorpio man for two years now whom I met online 3 years ago. Most of the time we get along really well and we're very close to each other.

    Sometimes we appear clingy to the ones who see us together but we mostly don't notice. It's natural to us that we share everything. I'm very jealous, he is too but he doesn't admit it many times. I say it to him openly while he pretends to not be and when I notice he is and ask him about it for long he breaks out with it - still saying he's not really that jealous. In this case he in fact is secretive - about his emotions and feelings. But what I do know as well is that he loves me a lot and he'd never betray me or leave me.

    We are loyal to each other. His secretiveness though makes me jealous from time to time. I need security, admiration and love. He gives all this to me and he's extremely offended when I doubt him. Our sex is the most beautiful, intense and at the same time loving thing in the wo rld.

    Hookup leo a male female Scorpio

    I'm the one with the moon in Libra while he has his Moon in Pisces, so often I'm the one to w peace again and calm Scor;io down when he gets aggressive and puts on his secretive mask. It doesn't work all the time though. It's difficult for me to ask him things without him thinking that I'm distrustful. When he doesn't feel trusted that's the worst offense to him. Recently we almost broke up because of his aggressions.

    These are designed to show exactly how compatible you are with a given partner and explore everything about your homo, Scorpiio a detailed analysis of your homo and your partner's personality. Ultimately these two are a dynamic powerful duo. Leo is a jealous sign and likes to be in control, so Scorpio is going to be pushed to homo behavior.

    But when I came back home to get something I saw how devastated he looked. He told me that he wants nothing more but for me to stay with him. That nothing is really fun without me. That he wants me to be there with him and annoy him, he wants me to pull him away from the computer, scream at him, whatever, the main thing is, I should be there. He felt incredibly sorry for hurting me and he even cried in front of my sister and her husband. I never saw him so down and lost than in the moment that I went away. I love him endlessly and I know he'd be more than unhappy if I was gone. But if he ever gets this aggressive again, I will not be able to stay for my own good.

    Even though breaking up would hurt me more than anything. He has to be less secretive in order for me to trust him more, so he won't get aggressive in the first place. I tried and improved my distrust a lot, but the more I trust, the more demanding he gets. It's not so Scorpio male hookup a leo female to improve so fast, specially not when you're always forced to get better. I don't want to lose him I just wish he could take this part of me with a sense of humor since jealousy is a sign of love, of being scared to lose the one that is so precious to you. He's the only one for me, and I compromise so much, he helps me a lot too in learning to trust him. He does things other men would never do for a woman.

    He gave up a lot for me. But never without receiving anything from me that showed my appreciation to his love. I hope he'll see that our relationship is amazing. Nobody betrays anyone, nobody lies and we both have the same main goals and moral views. So why the hell do we make problems when there are none? Love is all about giving and taking, about compromises and sacrifices It could all be so easy. If he understood what I understood long ago. To take things with a sense of humor and to love the minor flaws of the one you are with. I'm a 36 yr old Leo woman my lover is a 31 yr old Scorpio man. We have known one another for 6 years and it's been an "on and off" sexual relationship the entire time.

    I am drawn to this man like no other I have met. Scorpios are masters of problem-solving and are innately resourceful. As such they will never surrender entirely to helplessness and will focus down to get themselves out of any hole they end up in. On the outside, male Scorpios are cool and collected, with their high-energy passions hidden below the surface. Conversely, female Leos are boisterous and excitable externally, which hides their soft hearts. The arrogance of Leo and Scorpio's need to be correct and unchallenged is often the trigger that brings any undesirable traits to the surface.

    Get an online astrology reading on Keen to learn more! Love And Relationships In both friendships and intimate relationships, trust is where these two signs really shine. With Scorpios being naturally wary of any type of secrecy, Leo's honesty and openness prevent many complications from developing. Leo women have nothing to hide and are upfront about their needs for many friends. A Leo's moralities and loyalty are highly desired and treasured by Scorpio friends or lovers. The lioness forges friendships with ease and is relatively trusting while the scorpion is a bit more standoffish.

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