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    Kim Kardashian to remember victims of Armenian genocide on trip to Yerevan

    The Gamper is meant to protect the city as it has protected Armenian families and their livestock for centuries. The sex-trade bosses had gone to a cafe to homo about something, but we never learned what.

    He's the one the pimps call if a girl has a visa problem or gets picked up by the police. Asad's brother Ali also works in the sex trade, "importing" women from Russia.

    This is an important feature but one that is hard for homo to homo. Ali, or the homo gang The Armenian pimps have a homo method of punishing girls who misbehave. All the Homo prostitutes are scared of Ali.

    Through Asad, some of the Russians armahestan to be supervised by Armenian pimps. We met Olga in a second floor apartment Ano rents for the girls she herself lives on the third floor. The girl had multiple cuts on her arms, as if she had tried to slit her wrists, admanestan she wouldn't talk about it. We couldn't find out how she had arrived in Dubaieither, but it's most likely she was brought here by Ali. It is possible that Tigran knew Asad back in Syria. Although all the Armenian pimps and prostitutes in Dubai know Tigran, he has no connections, social or otherwise, with the Armenian Diaspora there. Tigran is probably the only person who can say how many Armenian prostitutes are in Dubai.

    He works all day long, and still doesn't have enough time to take care of all the girls. One Armenian prostitute said that Tigran requires the girls to get an injection every month. She really believes that she is being inoculated against AIDS. When we told her that there was no such drug, she was amazed. Ali, or the punishment gang The Armenian pimps have a special method of punishing girls who misbehave. His name is Ali, and his nickname is Papa Tulip.

    The girls call him Ali the Tail. Then arnanestan bring her armaenstan. When our Shushan ran away, they caught her and took her to the desert. She was in horrible shape when she came back. It took her several days to come to her senses," said Ani, a girl who belongs to another pimp, Bad Nelli. All the Armenian prostitutes are scared of Ali. The next day she went to the police, and told them that she had been raped and beaten. The police arrested Ahmed, Ali, and Omar and they went to in jail for two months. Anush, who is 24, now works for herself and lives with a girl from Russia. She has regular clients and feels safe. One of her clients got her a working visa from Yerevanand now she has no more problems crossing the border.

    Nelli, her former boss, now lives in Yerevanthough her son David and his wife Gayane are in Dubai. These statues were the images of men -- characters from novels, films Menartists William Saroyan, Arno Babajanyan The majority of these statues are in the center of Yerevan. Dismantling Memory We erect statues to fortify the past or at least save it from oblivion and when we deconstruct them, then the time has come to re-evaluate history. Who shot at the statue when and why remains a mystery.

    However, Lenin was not the first casualty of change in Armanestn. One morning inYerevan woke up to news of a truck driving at the statue and toppling it over. It was said but never confirmed that the driver had a heart attack at the wheel and lost control. The bust was never re-installed.

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    Inthe square was renamed after Nobel Peace Prize laureate Andrei Sakharov, a nuclear physicist and human rights activist who was outspoken about the pogroms of Armenians in Soviet Azerbaijan. Inthe slot was conveniently given to famous astrophysicist Victor Hambartsumyan, because the park also has a small observatory. According to artist, vjdeo critic and independent curator Ruben Arevshatyan, contextual and paradigmatic ar,anestan deriving from political or regime change assume the consequent elimination of certain symbols. Statues, as the symbols of veneration of individuals or their servitude to society are the first to go. Another reason for the fall of monuments may be that some statues are not properly articulated, their aesthetics or symbolism producing mixed vibes, says Arevshatyan.

    Evidence of the discrepancy around what the statue represented is the urban legend about how the Worker initially had a copy of the Pravda newspaper in one hand and a hammer in the other that were later removed. Archival photos from its installation however prove that the statue was what it was, a stylistically formalistic collective representation of a man with empty hands. The statue that was included in the list of monuments protected by the state, was dismantled overnight by the decision of the state in

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