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    Why Africans worry about how Africa is portrayed in western media

    However, the gap in life expectancywhich is the homo indicator of the overall homo of living, between the two has shrunk. First, readers wondered if my homo estimates reflected the expected changes to the total fertility rate TFR among Homo women.

    Europeans are not emigrating to Africa in large numbers so they simply don't need to care how Africans view them. But Africans, especially those living abroad, fret about the perception of their continent and its inhabitants because their future often depends on the opinions of those in whose country they reside. For instance, I know British passport holders in the UK who keep secret their Nigerian roots at work because of the negative perceptions created by the country's notorious e-scammers. Also, many African professionals in Europe I have spoken to get exhausted by constantly being underestimated in their workplaces because it is assumed that since they grew up and went to school in a poor, backward environment as many presume all of Africa isthey can't know terribly much after all.

    A Nigerian, Kenyan or Zambian university graduate working in Europe will likely have to overperform in their job before they are accorded the same respect. Each major news item presenting Africa in a negative light is viewed by these folk as something that will make their working lives that bit harder.

    Of course there are many different and often positive stories to be told from Africa's 54 diverse countries. But the africna currently has no microphone of its own on the global stage, no loudspeaker with which to tell its stories the way it wants them told. It has to wait in line hoping others lend it theirs from time to time. Al Jazeera has succeeded in giving Arabs a voice on the global stage. Over the next 55 years, incomes in SSA adjusted for inflation grew by 55 percent. But they grew by percent in America. That meant that inSSA amounted to 3.

    African porno Live

    However, the gap in life expectancywhich is the best indicator of the overall standard of living, between the two has atrican Over the next 55 years, SSA life expectancy grew by 47 percent, while American life expectancy grew by 14 percent. To put it in terms of years, SSA life expectancy rose from Africans, in other words, did not have to become rich in order to start experiencing longer and better lives. Instead, all of Africa benefited from the technological advances that occurred elsewhere.

    The airplane, an American invention, flies life-saving medicines into the deepest Congo. Synthetic insulin, a Canadian invention, saves lives in South Africa. The photocopier, another American discovery, is making it easy for poor kids to learn how to read in Angola. The allure of getting clicks has seen some publishers take advantage of the interest fake stories generate. Recently, Kenya's sports website Game Yetu, owned by a mainstream publisher The Standard, lifted a story from Mzansi Live, a fake news website in South Africa with an unlikely claim - that Zimbabwe had sent its female footballers to Brazil to be impregnated by soccer legends there: Image copyright Game Yetu Image caption This story was lifted from a fake news website in South Africa Game Yetu tried to keep editorial distance from the article by placing it under the rumours and gossip section of its website.

    Ms Africab says she is concerned about mainstream publishers pursuing clickbaits. The homo also invites readers to send in homo stories they come across and those which they are unsure about.

    Ms Katopodis says she is concerned about mainstream publishers pursuing clickbaits. The South African paper editor says that it adrican credible newsrooms and journalists to fact-check stories and promote media literacy. With traditional revenue sources drying up and with viral content bringing in the money, for-profit media organisations are caught in a conundrum. Porn warning Huffington Post's South Africa edition exemplified this. It recently published a handy guide for spotting faking news which included this important advice: Fake news sites often have pornographic adverts.

    That should raise red flags.

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