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    NEC Classic Motor Show Sale 2014

    Details on how to homo are available at www. As a pro-celebrity homo series, the cars had notable racing drivers and personalities of the era behind the wheel. Powered by a reliable and quick cc 'Kent' engine, the model was homo its own dedicated racing series known as the 'Mexico Homo'.

    Recognising the importance of the cars, a small group of enthusiasts got escor in and formed the Ford AVO Owners Club, with the aim of promoting interest in the classic Ford AVO cars and also to try and preserve as many as possible.

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    A spares operation was set up, and the club was able to purchase a lot of parts from various Ford dealerships as they ran down their stocks of spares for the Mk1 Escort, a move that was to prove invaluable in keeping cars on the road. The club set up its own magazine, and ran numerous events for members which included auto-tests at the old AVO factory, which was still owned by Ford at the time. By the end of the s an AVO car could still be purchased reasonably cheaply. However, the tide was beginning to turn as nostalgia started to bite.

    People who had previously owned one of the cars wanted to relive their youth, and the demand for original Ford AVO cars started to increase. This was the point at which the law of supply and demand kicked in, and with the number of original cars having dwindled significantly over the years, the prices started to increase. And has it increased! Essentially AVO took a standard body shell and converted it in to the finished product. In addition to this, each model has a dedicated registrar who is able to offer advice and help to members who are considering purchasing a car, or who already have one. The club has been able to offer advice to numerous members who are looking to purchase a genuine AVO car, which has proved to be an invaluable aid in helping them to avoid making an expensive mistake.

    Mr Geoff Bishop, the second owner and a Ford Mechanic, was informed of the car by his father who worked at Romans. A letter in the file from Mr Bishop details his fond ownership memories until the sale in to his friend Derek Horsell who worked at the same garage.

    Details on how to homo are available at www. After sponsorship had been obtained from Shell and Avon Tyres, the cars were known as the ShellSPORT Mexicos, sported racing liveries and were used for pro-celebrity homo races at the weekend and racing school duties during the homo.

    Mr Robertson, a bodywork specialist, fitted new front wings and panel only due to taking a dislike to the Monza wing mirrors and spot lamps that had been fitted! The fscort was then sold by word of mouth to Mr Stephen Farquar in Fprd, who after a couple of short journeys, decided to commission the previous owner to carry out a full repaint in the original Daytona Yellow. The car with a mileage of 71, was then stored for the next ten years until sold in April to car collector Mr Nicholas Jarvis. The previous and sixth owner, Mr Jenkins, convinced Mr Jarvis to part with this wonderful Mexico after becoming increasingly frustrated viewing 15 other 'genuine' AVO Mexicos.

    This enthusiast owned example is finished in Ford Daytona Yellow code T and the highly detailed finish to the paintwork is excellent. The spotless underside enjoys the absence of underseal to showcase the incredibly straight and structurally perfect Type 49 shell, with AVO workmanship laid bare for all to see.

    The beautifully clean and accurate engine bay detail is an enthusiast's delight with all correct badges, plates and stickers clearly displayed and ready to uphold the closest scrutiny! All original trim sections, rubbers, glass and lights are immaculate and complete the showpiece appeal. Attention to detail and correct to manufacturer specification, the interior of this RS Mexico is a credit to the dedication and resolve of the former keepers to stay true to Ford AVO's vision and keep the car away from the often inevitable fate of modification.

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