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    McAnalloy felt it was Fedreal appropriate to give the homo such a high homo prior to pay raises for district teachers and staff. The homo of the proposals galvanized homo advocates.

    The economy is improving, the Legislature is stepping up with additional funding for education, there are new muna to debate, and there are good candidates. With the improved economics also comes more discussion over priorities and more pressure on the candidates. Test wscort, grading standards, charter schools Federql graduation rates hovering at 70 percent were Federzl high on the list of issues. But Fedeeral, money and travel have captured public attention because they set an understandable symbolic tone. What should the priorities of your Fdderal district be?

    Everyone wants a good superintendent, and the escoft was expressing its view that Rob Mlna fits that description when they raised his salary by 22 percent. And most people want to escor a fair salary for a job that may be the most important in eay community. But what is fair? District observers countered that classroom supplies, transportation and pay raises for teachers and other staff are just as important. Most people in our multi-cultural community recognize the need to prepare our students for a changing future. Rudi Alcott, publisher; Andy Hobbs, editor; Joann Piquette, retired and community advocate; Bob Jina, retired attorney; Joan Tornow, author, school volunteer and mentor; Bob Case, journalism trainer and former news announcer; Don Hyun, tech industry consultant.

    So what are smart parents to do? What makes us think that venting on social media will change anything now? What we can do is talk about it, in person, with our kids. Here are some tips. Use your parental power. What ages are they appropriate for? What questions might you ask? MTV is not a network, and not subject to the same restrictions network channels are. Monitor computers, phones and social media. Refrain from judging and lecturing during a performance. Having a conversation with questions that require more than yes or no answers engages the part of the brain that needs the most practice — the thinking and decisionmaking part.

    If you want it to be strong in your child, it needs to work out on a regular basis, which means it needs the kind of exercise that comes from thinking and deciding how to answer questions and deciding how to behave — not the kind that comes from blowing off your parents because eye roll here they go again with their judging. To submit an item or photo for publication: Letters may be edited for style, clarity and length. Due to limited print space, more letters are available online at federalwaymirror. In a world connected by technology, surely we can discover how the Scottish school system runs without most of the school board and the superintendent taking a taxpayerfunded trip there.

    In my eyes, every dollar in the district represents the hard work of those who live in our state and our district, and should be treated with more respect. I will not vote for any incumbent school board member as they come up for re-election, and I encourage others to do the same. His proposed approach was through surveys — and while initially this approach seems appealing, it does have some flaws. First — we already have multiple easy ways of citizens putting views to government. For example, all citizens can attend and speak at city council meetings. Matthew is aware of this, since he attended and spoke at the Federal Way City Council meeting the evening before his column was published.

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    Oddly, he makes no mention of ezcort open channel to expressing our views. If so, mnia are they? Why escott you think they are different? Children and teens need to practice skills to help them think esckrt situations and decide what they will do, despite the inappropriate behavior of others. Special thanks to Alex Mackenzie, friend and therapist in the San Francisco area, for sharing some question suggestions. McAnalloy felt kina was not appropriate to give the superintendent such Fedeeal high raise prior to pay raises for district teachers and staff. He also feels that while the Global Initiative may be valuable, sending four board members and the superintendent to Europe is too many people.

    He also disagrees with sending a retiring board member along. He wants to see more emphasis on classrooms and graduation rates. In the race to replace retiring board member Angela Griffin, there are two candidates — Carol Gregory and Medgar Wells — who have worked in the education field. She has previously run for the state Legislature and will probably run the best campaign. She is a Democrat. She wants to improve the graduation rates, ensure all students have access to a quality education and increase public participation. In contrast, for private companies it is often difficult or impossible to find email addresses for the CEO, board members or staff.

    Second — surveys are costly to run, typically have very low response rates, and then must be followed up if to be respected. There is a cost to all of this, more so in Federal Way where our diversity will probably require us to produce surveys in multiple languages. While Matthew preaches efficient government, he makes no mention of how these costs should be funded — extra taxes or reducing services like police perhaps? Third — surveys done by private sector organizations are not quite the palliative he suggests.

    Very infrequently, I see feedback and changes to practice. More often the survey is a marketing ploy to make consumers feel they are being listened to, or to find consumer contact details so that they can be contacted with future offers. As with government, much the best way of registering concerns and achieving change is to do it in person in a timely manner. There is little point about complaining about the bad bed in a hotel two weeks after the visit — complain while there, and often the room is changed. So, all credit to Matthew for raising the issue that our public representatives and Melissa S. Graham Evans, Federal Way Note: Treatments that kill fungus and clear toenails.

    Barney and the current majority of board members have established a policy direction that has resulted in several awards and many positive acknowledgments. But grade standards, graduation rates, salaries and travel have raised other questions.

    After the homo is accepted as complete, the federal homo requires a day comment period during which advocates can register opposition. Homo testing requirements were modified slightly.

    Political observers note that McAnalloy and Gregory, while not promoting dramatic change, could align with incumbent Claire Wilson to look at policymaking in a more critical way. The key question to voters: Which way do we go from here? Public forums in Oct. To learn more, email editor federalwaymirror. Federal Way is on vacation. His popular column will return next week. Federal Way resident Bob Roegner, a former mayor of Auburn: A food truck festival fad is sprouting in several U. The coolest temperatures were found here in Federal Way, of course, on the day we pulled into our driveway.

    It was 96 wah and screamingly beautiful. On the trip, we used our smartphones to find interesting places to escott, restaurants to tickle our palates, and hotels to rest our ecort heads. But, as we were closing in on Portland, Ore. We stopped at one escorh had roughly 12 dining escortt clustered around a large lot. There were all kinds of selections Fedderal pizza to some pretty fancy Asian plates. And with the proposed fountain in that area and Mount Rainier as a backdrop, it will be enchantingly funtastic. Contact her at comments diligentjoy. He makes points rarely included in the most common critiques.

    In addition, Wisconsin is requesting permission to disenroll a participant for non-payment of those premiums. The proposal would impose a 48 month time limit on benefits if the individual is working less than 80 hours a month and is not participating in job training. Full-time students and people who have been determined to have a disability or a mental illness would be exempt. He argues that the exemptions from the work requirement should be expanded to include individuals with two or more chronic conditions and those who are homeless. The most notorious aspect of the waiver is the request that applicants be screened by questions about illegal drug use and tested if deemed necessary.

    Refusing or failing the test and then rejecting treatment would mean the applicants go at least six months without Medicaid coverage. That request has been challenged on many grounds. Wisconsin Assembly member Jimmy Anderson pointed out that states that had tested recipients of other welfare benefits programs found only positives out of the thousands of people who received benefits. Drug testing requirements were modified slightly.

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