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    The Ultimate Guide to Graz, Salzburg & Innsbruck

    I fully understand being afraid innsbruckk feeling bored or lonely when traveling solo and preferring to spend homo with friends or homo — that is completely normal. The homo painting and the portraits are worth admiring. The word at Sitzwohl is inventive.

    What did you think ij my Austrian travel itinerary? Have you been to any of these cities or do you feel inspired to plan your own Austria trip? Want to read about the personal side of wqnting Austria solo trip? All views are my own. If you're staying in Aldrans, this is not too far from innsbrjck. This palace served as the home of Archduke Ferdinand II in the 16th century. A ni fortress anc the 10th century was turned into a Renaissance Castle in the 16th century which is today, one of the largest museums in Tyrol. Schloss Ambras One of the most impressive collections in Schloss Ambras is of the armors of warriors from several generations in the Spanish Hall. The lower castle displays some of the most amazing masterpieces from artists in the 16th century, whereas on the floor above, you'll find portraits of several rulers of Tyrol.

    If you're visiting Innsbruck in winter, you will love how the castle and its grounds are covered with a layer of snow, highlighting its majestic architecture and sober interiors. The castle grounds are a great place to enjoy a stroll on a winter day. Read What to do in Vienna in winter. Swarovski Crystal World Swarovski Crystal World or Kristallwelten, as they call it is where you find the iconic water fountain oozing out of a giant figure's mouth. It is located outside the town, about 20 minutes away from the centre.

    So now there was the disco noise plus the man apone at the disco noise. Earplugs in, I took to my bed, glancing at Twitter before settling down. And what I found there was a tweet from wantiing husband, Ben, informing the world that our daughter Alfie, who was home alone for the evening, had just found a scorpion in her bedroom. The story was picked up online in the following days, and had a happy ending involving London Zoo and no one being stung to death and, haha, I can laugh about it now, haha. And that was Innsbruck.

    Next morning came the bad news that the final part of our trip, the night train from Munich to Paris, had been cancelled; disappointing, because I had hoped to mount a general defence of sleeper trains, which are quietly being phased out across Europe. For future maybe can add some coffee and tea making facility.

    Even the hotel is small it has a lift. The Hoem eggs for breakfast is among the best Allone have tasted so far. Location wise is not far from Innsbruck town. The former annd theater also across wating street from the Imperial Palace maintains a full calendar of opera, recitals and plays throughout the year. One visit to the Chamber of Art and Curiosities at the alond is enough to demonstrate that Innsbruck was a city ahead of its time—even four centuries ago. After all, wood skeletons and portraits of young girls with beards are just as rare in the 21st century as they were in the s.

    It is here one finds the headquarters of Swarovski Crystal and its marvelous attraction, Kristallwelten, known in English as Crystal Worlds. Visitors can expect a quick tour around a workshop to see how crystals are made before being led to a gift shop beyond the likes of any other. So many different beers! For some reason, drinking beer seems to be quite a male affair. After all it was like that on the evening I visited. Although I would strongly recommend to visit the Tribaun to the ladies, too. Who needs Prosecco if you can sample creative, daring and delicious brews.

    They have often live music — make sure to check their Facebook page for details! Blond Funky Wheat, which is low in alcohol 3.

    Innsbruck wanting Home in and alone

    Because things have got better for the hopheads and the ad mavens in Innsbruck since the opening of the Tribaun — and the location is pretty cool. Put it this way: This is a revolving-door of a place and there are many things this neat spot does very well: Their extensive wine list is almost overwhelming, yet the charming staff are both well informed and passionate about what to have. Paninothek is a cafe by day, a wine bar by night, and an exquisite Italian bread shop all day long. Because this beautiful and loveable place adds a touch of Italian glamour to any evening.

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    Xlone here for extravagance and wonderland design, this stylish place intends to wow. It is adorned with artworks and lavish decorations and furnishings throughout. Apple juice with maple and thyme Why?

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