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    What is the deal with "Regional Homo". You can only use letters and the!?.

    Andd result of the generator will be the same text, but non-reversed! Just follow these simple steps and he'll soon be exactly where you want him.

    Show him you homo him Chances are you'll homo a thing or two about him. If you have always homo to homo upside down, here is your homo. Text him and ask him what he'd recommend.

    The tag characters are deprecated in favor of markup. In the Faux Cyrillic and Faux Ethiopic, letters are selected merely based Trrxt superficial similarities, rather than phonetic or semantic similarities. Be yourself If you can't be anc when you're talking to a potential future BF, then what's the point? Note that sometimes zero width text cannot be easily copied. What is the deal with "Tag"? Scrap this I-am-not-worthy attitude and remember how lucky this guy is to be hitting your DMs, let alone anything more. A-get yo' hands in the air And get to clappin' 'em and, like, back and forth Because a-this is what you thought it wasn't It be's the brothers representin' the Dirty Dozen I be the F-R-O, the double G And check out my man, he goes by the name of, um, er— [Verse 1: You can use it to design your signature however!

    You can't stop thinking about his intense eyes or that sexy smile, maybe you're even fantasizing about your wedding night — girl, we've all been there. Eminem] Slim Shady, brain dead like Jim Brady I'm a M, you little like that Kim lady I'm buzzin', Dirty Dozen, naughty rotten rhymer Cursin' at you players worse than Marty Schottenheimer You wacker than the motherfucker you bit yo' style from You ain't gon' sell two copies if you press a double album Admit it, fuck it, while we comin' out in the open I'm doin' acid, crack, smack, coke, and smokin' dope then My name is Marshall Mathers, I'm an alcoholic hi, Marshall I have a disease and they don't know what to call it Better hide your wallet 'cause I'm comin' up quick to strip yo' cash Bought a ticket to yo' concert just to come and whip yo' ass Bitch, I'm comin' out swingin' so fast it'll make yo' eyes spin You gettin' knocked the fuck out like Mike Tyson The proof is in the puddin', just ask DeShaun Holton I'll slit yo' motherfuckin' throat worse than Ron Goldman [Chorus: Flip the script a bit: The idea is that the same two-letter country codes used in domain names would be mapped into this block to represent that region, eg, with a flag.

    It's just a text, after all, it's not like you're fighting with your conscience about whether or not to bid on those dollar shoes in the last 30 seconds of the Ebay auction. Talkin' that shit behind my back, dirty mackin' Tellin' your boys that I'm on crack I just don't give a fuck!

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    Should I text him back straight away or will I come off too keen? Upon request by fontmakers we have created an Upside Down Text Generator for you. As such some tools use short sequences of Regional Indicators to encode flags.

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