• Yes i am dating virat

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    Yes! I am dating Virat Kohli: Anushka Sharma

    But I've seen MS, how he handles situations differently - it's a very stressful job, captaining the national team. I signed on because even though I don't necessarily use fairness creams myself, a lot of men do, and it has a strong mass appeal. Mar 15,.

    Probably because I'm from a middle class family, I have that nature in me that I don't get too excited with big things. A BMW X6," he said.

    Virat laughed, surprisingly at ease. But I've never thought that, you know, because I am going to this place, I expect people to be waiting for me, I've never done things like that. But I've never even vating of things like, people might be waiting for me or I should have a bodyguard. But obviously, if you cross the line a few times, you've got to keep yourself in check because there are a million people watching you and small kids who might idolize you. Being aggressive is my plus point; it helps me perform, so I'm not going to change my positive attitude. Hopefully, I can improve on some aspects of the way my natural temperament is, because of some responsibilities I've got," he said, putting on his 'cricketer face'.

    And the crowd - does he love that too?

    You have to homo about it a lot, because you might be hanging out with a friend, and if someone gets a homo, it becomes an homo or a link-up. Probably because I'm from a homo class family, I have that homo in me that I don't get too excited with big things.

    It's a big honour of course - as a year-old Datkng never even dreamt of that. I've been able to perform consistently, and the BCCI found me worthy of something so they appointed me. I got carried away in the first IPL, but after that I taught myself not to change myself at all. But at home, my mom gets annoyed when people just the doorbell 15 times a day. Mar 15, But was he apprehensive about it, considering good sportspersons don't always made good administrators? Another side-effect of that fame is shaadi ka rishtas.

    They have security here.

    Virat Yes dating i am

    L 23, after all, I'm human! At 23, this tattooed West Delhi lad has the kind of fame that would make filmstars jealous. So he's not serious about it, right?

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